Fortune Teller Myths Dispelled

I've never liked being called a "fortune teller." Sometimes I even wince at "psychic," due to the images that sometimes get conjured up in people's minds when they hear one of these terms.

Those of us who have the ability to tune in to the non physical world and sense what is going on outside the realm of the five senses have, for centuries, gotten a bad rap in much of society. Admittedly, out-of-the-main-stream society holds their diviners in high regard, consulting them before making big decisions, and even in the Old Testament, the kings were known to consult their prophets, just a psychic with a different name.

Let's just address and dispell a few myths about psychics, fortune tellers, or whatever you want to call them (me.)

Myth #1:

Fortune tellers are consulting with the devil and that is how they get their information.

I was brought up Pentecostal, so I am well aware of the teachings that forbid consulting diviners. Admittedly, I was born in the sixties, so it was also a sin to wear pants (unless you were a man), watch television, go to movies, go to the fair, dance, listen to rock and roll music, and many other things I cannot list here. I am not sure, but it seems that Jesus must have changed his mind on what was sin and what was not at some point. I remember as a twenty-something with a difficult marriage and mounting financial problems, it was also a sin not to give ten percent of my income to the church, and was compared by my pastor at the time with having an affair on my husband.

So, just to put things in perspective here.

I do not consort with the devil. At this point I am not sure there is an actual "devil", although I do sometimes run in to non-beneficial intelligent energy. I would argue that if I am assisting my clients in aligning with their highest good, and presenting them with information that can have the result of a positive shift in their life, I would not think the devil, if he exists, would be all that happy about what I do.

I am also okay with Jesus and He is okay with me. We chat frequently. He seems to be my most talkative Guide. This was not always the case. You can check out my story HERE.

Myth #2

All psychics are doing is hoodwinking people out of their money. They are all charlatans.

I can't speak for all psychics. I have heard horror stories, more than I would like to admit, that another psychic told someone that they had a curse on them, but if they paid this person so much money, they could remove it. I am not one of those psychics.

I do believe in curses.

I do believe for the most part they can be removed.

I charge a flat fee per hour. If removing a curse is needed, you pay the same for that as you would pay to ask me if Mr. Right is in your future (my number one question).

I would not know how to hoodwink someone if there was an instruction manual. (there is not, as far as I know.)

One of the sometimes annoying qualities I have, (ask my husband) is the inability to lie. I can keep a secret unless asked directly, then, the truth will come out. If I receive a difficult message, I will word it in such a way so that it is life to you. I always give alternatives. The future is not set in stone.

I never tell people they must come back to me on a regular basis, although, if they feel a need, I will not turn them down. I will not charge outlandish fees for what I do.

Myth #3: