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Finding Resolution

This week in the United States, we remembered a tragedy. For many people, there are still remnants of unfinished business that may linger in their thoughts and their minds related to this or some other tragedy that has perhaps scarred them for life.

This past Sunday was the anniversary of the terrorist attack in the U.S. that took lives and scarred many others. That morning, I was meditating on the gathering that I had scheduled for later in the day. Every month, I host a gathering in my home so we can meditate together, listen for messages from the Guides, and send healing energy out to one another and to the world.

As I meditated, this message came to me.

When tragedy strikes, there is no time to make amends. There is no time to say words that have been left unsaid. Time ceases to exist for some and seems to stop for those who loved them. In one moment, one event can change the course of their lives forever. For some, life did not cease to exist but changed the way they lived their everyday lives. Many more are affected by tragedy than just those who are in the midst of it.

I had a client this week who narrowly escaped death several times. For him, life is precious. He understands that for some reason, death comes extremely close but seems to miss him. He wonders why, but he also understands that it is important to have those important conversations. To never go to bed angry. To tell people he loves what they mean to him.

Why does tragedy strike some and miss others?

Many may claim to have the answer to that question, but my only explanation is, we live on the earth. Life is precious and unpredictable.

We can't change the uncertainty of life.

What we can do is live our lives with purpose.

What does that mean?

It means make amends with people with whom you have unfinished business. Say you are sorry. Forgive. Own your mistakes and apologize if necessary.

On the other hand, it also means releasing toxic people from your lives. Don't continue to live without joy just because it is easy, or convenient, or you don't want to hurt someone.

We also cannot judge others who make different choices given similar circumstances. We don't know what their path entails. It is easy to look at others and think we know what the best course of action is when we see challenges or see them living in a toxic environment, or having had a betrayal or a loss, but allow them to space to make their own life choices and honor their right to do so. What is empowering for one person may be the opposite for someone else.

If you decide to be in a relationship or to allow toxic behavior for whatever reason, do so with love. Decide to love that situation and thank it for the gifts it is giving you. Love the person you are allowing to be in your life and anything you do to maintain that relationship, decide to do it with love, and not of obligation.

Do you want to come to the end of your life having never felt joy or purpose or peace? Would you want to come to the end of your life and find that someone stayed in your life just because they didn't want to hurt you? Wouldn't you rather come to the end of your life knowing you were loved and appreciated and that you would be missed? Whether you stay or whether you go, choose to love that person you are in a relationship with.

If you can't say for certain you can do this, then you may have some inner work to do!

Take ownership of your life. Apologize for the results of your bad choices.

Make amends.

Or the opposite. Release toxic relationships or choose to approach them differently.

You never know when your most recent breath will become your last. You never know when the person you kiss goodbye in the morning may not be there at the end of the day.

Say important words. Apologize for words that should not have been said.

Live your life with purpose.

Purpose is not some important mission you came here to accomplish. Purpose is living every day with no regrets. Being kind. Deciding to do things that make you happy. Deciding that even when you are doing things that don't make you happy, you decide to be happy anyway. Spreading joy and happiness and kindness wherever you go.

Take some time today to think about letting go of resentments. Saying things that need to be said. Spreading love and kindness.

You may want to do a meditation of sorts and create an atmosphere where you can connect with the souls of those who you need closure with. These souls could be living or deceased. Say what you need to say. Allow their soul to respond. Don't worry if you think you are just making it up in your head. You aren't.

Decide to engage in a positive way with people you interact with every day. Send prayers or thoughts for the highest good toward people you like and those you don't.

Be kind to yourself and others.

We are all in this together.


Thank you for being in my life! Whether you are new to my musings about life and my messages from my Guides, or you have been with me for awhile, I appreciate you! At this point in my life, I do this because I have something to say and because I can't NOT share. However, if you are interested in what else I am up to or how to make an appointment for a private session, you can do that HERE.

We all can use community, belonging, and acknowledgement. I host a gathering once a month in Winchester Virginia and also by Zoom. You can find out when the next gathering is scheduled and how to attend, as well as when I will be at various events in my area, HERE.

Want to know about what I do and how a good little born again Christian girl ended up talking to the dead and other beings not in a physical body? I have written three books and another one is on the way! Find out more HERE.

Have a wonderful week and see you soon!

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