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February Forecast

For the past several years, every month I post a prediction for the month based on the numerology for that month and the corresponding Tarot card.

This month I want to do things a little differently!

The reason for this is that I would like to give Spirit a chance to share a bit more directly and personally to you who are my dedicated readers.

You must have figured out by now that we are all different and unique. Not every message is for everyone! We are all living out our lives, either completely aligned with our purpose for being here or not, or something in between. If you are reading this, you are interested in hearing a little Divine wisdom for getting more in alignment, or maybe you just want to know what kind of a month you are likely to have.

In numerology, we can map out our theme for the year based on the month and the day of our birthday.

For example, I just had a birthday on January 17. If I add 1+1+7 I get 9. 2023 is a 7 year, so if I add 7 to the 9 I get 16. The 1 and the 6 add up to 7. So my personal year is generally aligned with the universal year of 7. There is a little more to add about the number 16, but I will skip that for now.

If your number is two digits, which it likely will be, add those two digits together to arrive at a single digit number.

February is the second month of the year. So I need to add 2 to my year of 7 and I arrive at 9.

Do you have the idea?

Take a moment and add up the month and the day of your birthday and add that to the 7 for 2023. Technically, your year starts on your birthday, so if your birthday has not yet arrived, add the month and the day to 6 for 2022. When your birthday comes, you jump up a number.

Now add the number you have calculated to the number 2 for February.

Based on the number you got when you did your math, here are some thoughts about what kind of a month February may be for you.

If the number you got was 1 - This month will herald something new in your life. You are most likely in an 8 year so it is a time of empowering yourself, and reaping the harvest of what you have sown. So this month of new beginnings should be fairly positive. Whatever you are working on, you may decide to shift a bit this month or begin a new phase. This is likely to be a bit subtle. You may have a new idea that propels you into a new direction. Perhaps you meet someone who may or may not turn out to be important in your life. You may shift directions, move, take a trip, begin a new diet or exercise program, start a new job, get married, or something more minor, like attend a class for the first time or go somewhere you have never been before. This will enhance you in your yearly theme of self-empowerment.

If your number is 2 - don't expect any movement forward this month. It is likely to be a slow month. Patience is required. Spend time meditating, engaging in your spiritual practice, or spend time with someone you love. You may have to take care of someone like an aging parent or a child. Something is in a phase of release. It may be a year to release things, situations, or people who are moving on for whatever reason or phasing out of your life. So this month, nurture those you love, including yourself.

If your number added up to 3 - You need to spice things up a bit! Plan something fun! If last month was a bit slow moving, this month will speed up a bit. You may be feeling a bit more creative than usual or feel the need to move out of your comfort zone. You may have to choose between more than one option. Worry can sometimes accompany 3 energy. Also the tendency to get bored or to need some excitement. Try to get outside in nature if the weather allows.

If your number is 4 - You need to set some boundaries. Get organized. Plant your roots. Home and stability are usually important factors of consideration. Hard work is often called for. Not a whole lot of time for fun and play time. Your most intimate relationships may need some attention.

If your number is 5 - This month will herald changes, perhaps sudden or unexpected. Anything is possible when the number 5 is in charge. Expect the unexpected. You may want to reexamine what you believe to be true. Boredom is the enemy this month. If you are bored or in a routine, you may need to get out and do something fun or have an adventure of some kind. Be spontaneous.

If your number is 6 - Family and relationships are likely to play center stage. Often this represents important people in your life, not necessarily your relationship to yourself. You may be spending time with people or developing relationships of some kind. You may have to make a decision about a relationship or conquer challenges that you have not completely mastered. 6 is also the number of karma and the balancing of the scales.

If your numbers added up to 7 - This is a month of introspection and higher thought. You may find yourself overthinking every little thing. You may lose yourself in a good book or feel compelled to spend a great deal of time engaging in your spiritual practice. If you have experienced some feelings of uneasiness, or are feeling bombarded by the storms of life, this month you may want to remove yourself from the source of the drama or shifting sands of life and hide out for a little bit to recharge your batteries. You may have some battles to fight this month, so make sure you are up to the task by aligning yourself with your highest good.

If your numbers add up to 8 - This is a month to stand up for yourself! Don't give away your power this month. You may find money comes into your pockets easily but don't use that energy to go on a spending spree just yet. Focus on relationships and being your best self within those relationships. Don't tolerate bad behavior. Expect or demand consequences when boundaries have been crossed, and if you have weak boundaries, this is a month to reestablish and enforce them!

If your numbers add up to 9 - Something or someone may be in a stage of release. You may need to spend time alone or think about what is not working in your life. You may feel compelled to give away or sell items that no longer speak to you, or perhaps clean out closets. You may move or begin the process of moving. You may release a toxic relationship, a job, or other situations that are in the process of leaving in some form. This is an excellent month to do good things or offer yourself in service to others. You may have a spiritual awakening of some sort which compels you to make some changes.

Universally, we are all in the 9 energy this month, so there may be a lot of endings or difficulties which come up to be addressed. The number 9 contains energy from all the numbers, and makes whatever number you are dealing with personally a bit more intense. It is also the number of higher good, which means that causes of various sorts may take front and center stage. You may personally align with a particular cause, and feel compelled to assist the planet in aligning with a higher way of thinking and behaving. People may unite to vocalize their alignment to particular causes.

Whatever is not aligned with our highest good as a human species will eventually come up to be addressed. We as humans have free will, so we can choose to face our issues or ignore them, but sometimes ignoring them only causes them to go dormant for a bit and then come back stronger than ever at some future point in time.

This month, take some time to examine your life and address what needs to be addressed. Take some time to go within and seek wisdom, or perhaps find a trusted source of healing or assistance. Deal with your issues or they will deal with you.

If you would like to set up a private session and see what Spirit has to say about your own personal situation, you can make an appointment HERE.

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I do have a new book coming out soon! Stay tuned for details! You can check out my current books HERE.


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