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Evidential Mediumship

What is evidential mediumship?

First of all, mediumship is the ability to relay messages from the other side, most of the time from loved ones who have passed from this life to the next. Contained within that is the ability to relay messages from those who may have never inhabited a physical body, such as Guides, Angels, or even Jesus! In a lot of circles, the term mediumship is limited to communicating messages from humans who have passed, for one reason: evidence. I can say that I have a message for you from an Angel or your higher self, but how can I prove that?

So evidential mediumship is the practice of proving that I am communicating with whom I am claiming to speak.

What would I or you consider proof?

When I create a link with someone who is not in physical form, if that person is unknown to me, I would normally ask them to tell me something that I would not otherwise know and the sitter, or client, would know and recognize that would prove that it was them. Proof is not general stuff, like the person loves you or they are sad that they are not with you. This is too general and is normally the case if a person comes to see me.

Then there is the question of whether I can look the information up ahead of time on Google and then regurgitate it to you as proof. Can I find this information out on Facebook? I don't do this obviously but there is the occasional medium who may do this to give themselves a head start I guess. For that reason, if someone is coming to me, I normally only get their first name so there will be no question of whether or not I looked you up ahead of time. Now if someone is coming to me over and over, obviously, over time I have come to know you and have already established that I am able to connect with Spirit or you would not come back more than once. It is harder to provide proof the more often you come to me because over time I am familiar with your people. Recently, however, I did connect with a repeat client and picked up on his German ancestor and the first letter of his last name. It took awhile to figure it out because I saw a man in what appeared to be a greenish gray uniform with pants that ended at the knees or perhaps he had boots or something on that came up to the knees. I did not immediately recognize it as a German uniform. I am limited to my own understanding of the pictures or impressions I receive. I have to describe what I am seeing and my client and I have to figure out the puzzle together.

I do like to ask the spirit people to give me information that is known only to the person who is sitting in front of me. Something like, they used to play in manholes together as children (this is an actual message I once received). Once a woman's aunt came through and she was wearing a pearl necklace. One of the questions the person had was, which she had not yet asked, what ever happened to the pearl necklace?

Sometimes I will receive information that you will not be able to verify until later. I once told the father of one of my regular clients that there was a family broach that was missing and the family was wondering where it was. He denied knowledge of any missing family broach but later verified it in some old family documents. Was the missing family broach important information? Not really, but it gave him proof that I was not making anything up.

The next question is the one of key words or objects that the sitter has decided beforehand will be proof that I am legitimate. If I mention the word racecar I am really getting this person's dad. I will say that sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. I am not a circus animal that performs on cue. I can only communicate to you what I receive. I may receive an inner vision, for example, of a manhole, or a pearl necklace, or a painting of Jesus, and if I do, I will share it. If I see a red sports car, I will say it. However, if I describe your loved one from head to toe, how they passed, their personality, your relationship to them, but I miss the key word or object, it is not fair to dismiss the entire session.

In my own personal time of meditation or everyday life, occasionally a well-known person will show up. If I am not in a session with a client and a famous person shows up, I do usually ask them to give me information I can verify. The only way I would have to verify information after the fact is, in fact, Google. I shared on a recent podcast that on January 8, Elvis' birthday, I was meditating and I felt, in fact, that Elvis showed up. He talked for a bit about fame and how it changed him. After our chat, I asked him to tell me something I could verify. He told me two things. He told me he had a small black dog when he was younger and he told me he had suffered from an inner ear problem that had resulted in some vertigo. After our conversation, I was able to verify on Google that he did, in fact, have an inner ear problem. Google said he had a lot of dogs but I did not find proof of the particular dog he mentioned.

On another occasion I was still working full time at the Post Office. I was busy doing my work when I felt that Eleanor Roosevelt had come through. She gave me a message, actually about Hillary Clinton. (hey I can't make this stuff up! I don't know why she was telling me!) I asked her to tell me something about herself that I did not know. This was fairly easy for her to do since I didn't know much about her except she was a former first lady. She told me she used to enjoy high tea. After she left I did look her up on Google and verified that yes, she did in fact, enjoy high tea and it was a big part of who she was.

This points to the subject of evidence.

When I am sitting with a client, I ask their spirit people to provide information that is specific and personal to the client. Hopefully the information is not something I could have looked up beforehand on Google so the client is convinced they received a genuine message from their loved one.

If I receive a message from a person's Guides, Angels or Benevolent Helpers, however, what would be the evidence?

I would consider the evidence to be whether or not the message was relevant to something going on in their life or whether they felt better after the session. It may or may not be evidential in the way of proof. If your Guides say that you have the tendency to lose yourself in a relationship, or that you had a life changing experience at the age of eleven, or that you have a limiting belief about men that you inherited from your mother, I would not have been able to pull that information off of any Google search. I do think that sometimes the information from the Guides can be more evidential than even the information that the spirit people provide.

A recent client came to see me and her father on the other side told her to go get her car checked out. It turns out that there was an issue with her car she would not have known until she was stuck on the side of the road. That is evidence.

I do believe in asking for proof of a person's abilities if you have not seen them before. However, don't limit Spirit to a secret word or phrase and discount any good information because I or another medium missed the key word. Take the session as a whole and ask if you feel good about what you received. Also, don't go around badmouthing a medium because you didn't receive what you would have liked. This will limit Spirit from coming through for you no matter who you go to. I will never discount anyone who does what I do for the simple reason that I am not walking in their shoes. I always tell my clients and students to only go to spirit communicators that they feel good about. We are not all vibrational matches to everyone. If you go to a medium and their information does not resonate with you, then don't go back.

I cannot connect with Spirit for everyone. Sometimes there just seems to be a block that keeps me from connecting for some people. If this is the case, I will most likely not charge you for the session or perhaps I will set up a session for a different day. However, if I do receive information and you just don't like the information that comes through, that is not my fault. I can only give you the message that I receive.

It is perfectly okay and understandable to want and expect evidence from a person who claims to communicate with the dead, or those not in human form. Don't limit yourself to a particular word or phrase, although sometimes that will come through. Take the whole session as a whole when deciding whether or not the person was genuine or skilled or a good match to your vibration. Just because a particular medium did not impress you does not mean that they are not good at what they do. Perhaps you were just not a good match to their energy.

The biggest suggestion I have is to always go into a session with a medium with joyful expectation. If you go in expecting to be disappointed, you probably will be. Be open to hearing the message you are meant to hear. If your loved one does not come through, perhaps you needed something different that day.

Keep in mind that the dead are not at our beck and call. I cannot force the dead to communicate. If someone you love does not show up, it does not mean they don't love you or that they did not attempt to come through. Sometimes the link is weak or they are busy doing something else on the other side. Once I had to wake someone's mother up. She was sleeping! I know! I was as surprised as you are! However, the daughter understood. Apparently at the end of her life she had trouble sleeping so it made perfect sense she may be catching up.

Be open to ideas that are different than what you think.

We only know what we think we know.


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