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Energy Forecast January 2022

As we end 2021, we enter into a new phase of our collective experience of life in the Earth realm.

We have a habit of saying goodbye to an old year and hello to the next with fireworks, celebrations, maybe a little music, dancing, or other revelry. We have been having a couple of rough years. The pandemic, social and political unrest, out of the ordinary weather and natural disasters have dampened our sense of celebration. We hope for the best as we welcome in the coming year, but with a sense of caution.

What does numerology and the tarot have to say?

2022 is a 6 year in numerology. 6 is a number of relationships, freedom, and the settling of accounts, or karma. I will be chatting about karma and how it may show up for us as a collective in my next two blogs, so I will put that aside for now. Let's chat about relationships.

The six card in the tarot is the Lovers card.

The Lovers card in the tarot is not just about love. It is all about the choices we make in the name of love. We often find ourselves sacrificing something in order to cultivate love. We all know that love is not just about a happily ever after. Love does not mean we will always make the right decisions. It does not mean we will always take the needs of the other into account and that we will always do everything right in a relationship. But all of these aspects of relationship are what makes pursuing it a worthwhile endeavor. Being in a relationship gives us the opportunity to grow as an individual because we have someone, whether it is a lover or a child or a parent or a friend or a work colleague, whose presence in our lives calls for us to put aside our own needs at least on occasion for the benefit of the other person.

But relationship is a two way street. It is not healthy when one person in a relationship does all the giving or all the receiving. Sometimes relationship holds us back from being our authentic self. Sometimes the other person is not a healthy or beneficial aspect to our lives. So relationship is also about weighing the importance of our own needs being met while at the same time setting aside our own needs for the good of the relationship or the other person.

As a collective, we are all inhabitants of this Earth we live on. Are we a beneficial aspect to our relationship to our Mother Earth? What are we giving her in return for her gifts of natural resources, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we live on? Is our Mother Earth doing all the giving in this relationship? Does there perhaps need to be a giving back of some kind?

What about our other relationships? What about our relationship to other humans who also inhabit the earth? What about our relationship to one another as fellow citizens of the earth, despite our race, gender, cultural, religious, ethnic or sexual identities? Do we treat one another with love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance? Do we attempt to walk in the shoes of those who are different from us?

We also cannot ignore the number 2 in 2022. Two is the number of community, sharing, connection, love, and the Sacred Feminine. It is time for us to release the energy of me, me, me, and begin to embody the energy of us. Female issues may be a big focus this year. Love and connection are strong themes. With the pandemic, we have been spending a lot of time isolated. Maybe this year we will regain some sense of community and sharing.

Moving on, January 2022 is a 7 month in numerology and in the tarot, is the Chariot card.

In numerology, 7 is a number of inner reflection, spirituality, overcoming obstacles, and knowledge. It is a quiet, internal number. January may be a month that we want to take slow. Don't expect a lot of forward movement. Take some time for meditation or engaging in your spiritual practice. Do what you can to increase your understanding or knowledge of a situation before jumping in with a plan of action. Do your research.

The chariot card in the tarot is a card of overcoming obstacles in order to move forward. If you have a trip planned, get your car checked out. Make allowances for delays. It may be necessary to cut through some difficulties and make some hard choices in order to move forward in life. On the other hand, if you have an opportunity for a car trip, it should be okay as long as you make proper arrangements and allow for unexpected delays.

This year is a year for focusing on our relationships, our primary ones and our larger ones as a human race. Look for some balancing of the scales in some areas of our lives. This month, we may find ourselves with a need to cut through some obstacles in order to move forward. Focus on your spiritual practice, accessing knowledge, and slowing down our forward movement.

Remember your own personal numbers may not be exactly the same as the universal ones, but these energies will affect whatever your personal theme may be.

If you would like a personal session detailing your own personal numbers or how your energy may be affected by the universal themes, you can book a session HERE. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about the karmic aspect of the number 6 and how karma can be uncovered and healed. Check out my events page for information about my free or donation-based events.

Let us be kind to one another as we each navigate our journey through this lifetime the best way we know how.


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