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December Themes and Energies

We are winding down towards the end of the year, and it is time already for my monthly energy forecast!

December is the twelfth month of the year, and the 1 and the 2 add up to 3.

2022 is a 6 year and if we add the 3 to that we get 9.

Nine is a perfect number for the last month of the year. It is the number of completion, endings, and resolution. It is also a high vibration number and symbolizes our service to others. Since Christmas is a time of giving to others and thinking about the stories of winter solstice and the gift of a special baby, the combination of those symbols are really coming coming together to bring a special energy to whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year.

In the Tarot, the nineth card is the Hermit. The number 18 is also significant since December is the twelfth month and if we add 6 to that from 2022 we get 18. In the Tarot, the eighteenth card is the moon. December is the month when the shortest day and the longest night occur, creating the winter Solstice, so the dance between the sun and the moon is highlighted.

These cards suggest some time alone may be beneficial. This seems to be the opposite of the norm in December. Holiday parties and family gatherings are the staple of December. Shopping, and eating and gathering together sometimes create a bit of stress, so make sure that you carve out some time for yourself!

I am not one of those spiritual communicators who demonize gift giving and shopping, unless it creates a financial burden for you or escalates into stress. I am all about love! If you love the giving and receiving of gifts, then there is no reason you should allow people to make you feel guilty for that! However, if you are giving out of obligation or out of any reason except for love, then maybe you should change the tradition to something that makes you feel good.

Family gatherings often create their own atmosphere of stress, with differing personalities, political or spiritual affiliations, complicated mixes of his family or her family or their family, or even challenges with food preferences or work schedules. When family gatherings are planned, I like to send out my request to the Universe for peaceful gatherings.

As we wind down 2022 and prepare ourselves for a new year, take some time to look back over the past year. What lessons have you learned? What challenges have you overcome? Life is a kaleidescope of laughter and tears, agony and ecstacy. In this year of relationships, here are some things to think about. What experiences have you had that have challenged you to think a little more about your own strength? What boundaries have you needed to create? What does love really mean aside of the cotton candy and rainbows? Have you had to make some difficult choices in the area of relationships?

If this year has been difficult, what karmic lessons came up for you? Other than 6 being a number of relationships, it is also a number of karma. Whatever has been unsettled, unfinished, or unresolved often comes up to be looked at again in a 6 year. In this 9 month, all of the lessons, opportunities, challenges, or experiences come back to be settled. Look over this past year and really let go of any unfinished business. Accept the things you cannot change, change what you can, and let the rest go. Next week I will chat a little more about releasing karmic baggage.

Next year we will enter a 7 year. Seven is an extremely spiritual number but it comes with its own set of challenges. We will have a conversation about that as we finish up December.

For now, it may be a good idea to do some sort of ritual or engage in your spiritual practice as we end the year. Thank each experience for the gift it gave you. Offer a gift of some sort to the helping spirits. Seek out the wisdom you need for the coming months and years. Journal about your thoughts and aspirations, but decide to live in the now and enjoy life one day at a time.

The future is not guaranteed. Be kind. Love yourself. Set boundaries when necessary.



Thank you for the gift you are to me!

I appreciate the connection I share with each one of you.

Thank you for taking an interest in my connection with Spirit and my understanding of life.

You can check out my books, events, and find out how to schedule a personal session..

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