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Dark Moon Solar Eclipse

As a psychic medium and Shamanic healer, I am aware of the phases of the moon, although I don't claim to be an expert astrologer. However, Monday, December 14 is a big day if you keep track of the phases of the moon. December holds two fairly significant events in the sky, and this is one of those.

Solar eclipses create the potential for the phase of the moon to hold within it the added energy of unexpected events, truth telling, and attempts to hide the truth. The sun, or light, symbolizes truth, information, enlightenment, and connection with the Divine. The moon symbolizes the shadow, illusions, intuitive information, and women's issues. Symbolically when the moon and the sun align in such a way that the moon comes in between the light of the sun and the earth, you can bet there will be some sort of events that attempt to cast a shadow on truth and enlightenment, which subsequently come to light as the shadows move out of the way.

Obviously, here in the US, you could say we have already been experiencing a lot of cover ups and attempts at hiding truth. In the days leading up to and following this very powerful event happening in the sky, we may find that hidden truths and agendas begin to come to the light. Attempts to stay hidden or remain in the dark may be thwarted or intercepted.

But what about your personal life? Are there truths you have been hiding from yourself or others? Have others in your life been hiding things from you? You may find some unexpected information coming to the light of day.

If we have been living our lives in an authentic way, we may not be overly affected by the energy that the sun and the moon are foretelling. But who among us can say that we are living our best lives all of the time?

On the positive side, we could say that the darkness we have been living in this year is perhaps coming to an end as the sun emerges from the shadow of the moon. All of us have been affected in one way or another by the pandemic and the unrest of the times we live in.

Today, if you can, take some time to do some self inventory.

What emotions, beliefs, fears, or unhealed wounds have been hiding in the shadows of your life experience? As the light of the sun begins to emerge from the darkness, what truths are coming to light in your own life? Is it time to step into the dark and acknowledge those things you are trying to hide? Is it time to open up the closets and shine the light into the darkest corners, revealing the light of truth?

Would you be thrown off your center if you suddenly realized that something you held as truth was suddenly revealed to be flawed or untrue after all?

Many times when we find that something we have always believed in suddenly comes to light as a flawed belief, our identity is challenged and we are shaken to the core. It takes awhile to realize that the ground upon which we have built our lives is not as firm as we believed it to be.

Get ready for the ground upon which you stand to be shaken. Find the strength inside yourself to hold you steady when all around you seems to be shifting.

If you are fine but you are called upon to be the strength for someone else, answer that call.

The only way we as a human race will survive is if we stop looking at what is in it for me and begin to look at what is good for all of us.

Let us do what we can do to shine the light in the dark. How do we do this?

Be kind. Extend your hand to help someone in need.

Align yourself with others who have character and integrity. Those who you hang out with or identify with reveal the truth about who you really are.

Don't just say the right words. Do the right thing.

Love devoid of action is useless.

Just for today, do one thing that makes someone else's life a little better.

We are all in this together.


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