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Creating Energetic Boundaries

There are times when the energy in the world around us is overwhelming and we are affected in our physical bodies. We may have trouble sleeping. We may struggle with difficult emotions. We may lose our temper. We may even contract some physical illness which stops us in our tracks.

I had written this blog and scheduled it for publication before the heart-wrenching events in Texas. We are all so filled with a variety of emotions, the strongest of which is sadness for the victims and their families. I am not here to comment on the political soap boxes any time there is a tragedy like this. Everyone is affected no matter which side of the political stance you take.

When events like this happen, we feel collective emotions, like sadness, horror, anger, and grief. With all my heart I send thoughts of love to the families affected. Love is the emotion that is needed most at this time. On the other hand, those of us who are in any way sensitive often are affected energetically when an emotion if felt on a large scale.

Read on to begin to understand how to differentiate between your own emotions and the emotions of others, and how to protect your energy field when emotions run high.

In addition to the collective emotions, what are some other ways we can be affected energetically and what can we do about it?

There are a number of possibilities which may individually or collectively affect our mind, emotions, our physical bodies, and even our relationships with others. Recognizing some of the ways in which energy can blindside us and even knock us off track is important as we traverse through what I call "Earth life."

The first thing that may affect us when we are out and about is the energetic frequency of the individuals we are in close contact with. around us. If we are spending time with people who are navigating difficult emotions, those emotions can rub off on us! It is important to choose wisely when deciding who to allow in your life on a regular basis. I know that there are times when you can't choose who you are spending time with, such as work relationships and some family situations, however, you can decide whether or not to allow someone's emotional frequency to affect you!

Years ago when I worked full time at the Post Office, I would find myself the victim of energy bullets coming at me from those who I worked around or customers who came to me for service. I began to arrive at work twenty minutes early and create energetic boundaries before I went in to work.

It is simple!

I would say some version of the following statement: "In the name of the Light, I declare that my energy field is surrounded with a force field of Light. Only energy that is beneficial is allowed to come in to my energy field. I declare that my work space is a secure, safe, and positive space. Anyone who is not in alignment with the energy of peace is not allowed to penetrate my work space."

The only problem with this statement was that towards the end of my career, I was the person who answered the phone, took customer complaints and processed passport applications. A lot of these people were not aligned with peace. Many times I would come in to work after making the statement and the phone would not ring, no customers would come in and coworkers or people who I was to interact with would call in sick. After I retired from the Post Office and began to see clients for intuitive guidance, I found that if I made that statement, the clients would cancel or not show up. So I had to tweak my statement a bit so that I was able to interact with people who were possibly not aligned with peace, love, and joy, but that their energy would not affect me.

The second thing that may affect us energetically is the astrological energy. We as humans are very much affected by the cycles of the moon and the planetary aspects that are traversing through the part of the universe that is around us. It seems that some people are more affected by this energy than others, but in some ways, we are all affected. Sometimes the cycle of the moon and planets affects our sleep. Sometimes we are more cranky than usual.

Can we actually remove ourselves energetically from being affected by planetary and lunar energy?

Here is something to try, although I find it works sometimes but not all the time.

Say out loud: "In the name of the Light ( you can substitute Light for Divine Creator, or your favorite name for the Divine Force that holds the universe together.) I reduce, neutralize and eliminate the affects of the planets, moon and stars on my sense of well-being. I align myself with the Divine Creator above the moon and stars and declare that I am an energetic match to only my highest good."

Sometimes you just can't sleep. Is it the moon? Is it what you ate or drank close to bedtime? Is it some worry or concern you have rolling around in your head? We can't always assume it is the moon, and maybe the Angels and Guides are shifting your energy field in some way and you have to be awake for it. That is why I say, sometimes this works. But not always.

The next thing that may affect your energy field is the aforementioned Collective Consciousness. This is the predominent thought patterns and emotions of a large majority of the people around you. For example, I live about an hour and a half from the District of Columbia where a lot of political energy is strong. There are a lot of intense emotions around politics! I find that energy to be fairly intense, even as far away as I live. When I have traveled to other areas, it seems that the intensity of the location is very different. I imagine the emotional frequency in Texas right now is very different than it is in other areas, due to the recent tragedy, except for the news media keeping us all aware of every detail, which tends to be a conduit for the energy to travel longer distances.

If you align yourself with a particular group of people, you will find yourself affected by that group's predominent emotions and energy. It is very important you be choosy what alliances you have. This could be political, religious, educational, social, cultural and racial and gender alliances, to name a few.

Some alliances we choose and some we have by default. I am a female so I am energetially aligned with female issues. I am white, so some of the issues of my heritage are in my energy field based on my ancestry. I have ended up living in Virginia, so I am somewhat affected by what happens here in my general area.

Similarly, the surrounding area where you are physically could be affecting you. If you are energetically sensitive, you may feel emotional hits when a neighbor is having an argument with their spouse, when the land under you is feeling some sort of charge or energetic hit, when you are in close proximity to a hospital, jail, courthouse, or other large building where emotions often run high. Just a couple of days ago I was driving down a busy interstate and suddenly felt an energetic hit so strong, I became dizzy for a moment. I shouted out loud, "NO!" and the dizziness subsided. However, I did check in with family members to make sure everyone was okay. My immediate thought was that it was something happening with a fellow driver on the highway. Most of the time I ask Angels to be with me when I am driving and clear the way, as well as the other drivers on the road, but something got through. Was it a premonition of the tragedy in Texas? I can't say for sure.

I also find that if I am tired, overworked, emotionally taxed, or over-committed, which I have a tendency to do, I am more vulnerable to energetic hits. If I don't create boundaries, it seems the Universe does it for me!

The biggest thing to remember is to let go of things you cannot change! Stop worrying about the past or the future and do your best to feel contentment in the present moment, no matter what your circumstances. Love yourself, engage in your spiritual practice, whatever that is, and live a life of gratitude! These are some simple steps to staying in energetic alliance with your highest good.

Sometimes we feel almost obligated to share in the difficult emotions other are experiencing. We may feel that in sharing their pain, we are lessening its effects on an individual. However, it is important to remember that everyone has to navigate their own emotions. Feeling sad for someone is not going to eliminate their pain. It is far more productive to send waves of Divine Love and Light in their direction so that peace may come and the pain is reduced or the grieving time shortened.

Know that you are in charge of your energy field! You are not a victim! The non-beneficial energy is not more powerful than you are! Create boundaries and stick with them!

If you do feel yourself slimed in some way by some energetic hit, you can easily release it!

Say: "I lovingly release to the Light any energy out of my energy field that is not mine or is not beneficial to me."

When I say this, I normally feel a surge of energy through my body, and then I feel better.

Protecting your energy field is not being self-centered nor is it marginalizing someone else's pain and grief. When I was studying mediumship with well-respected medium Janet Nohavec, she taught us that when delivering a message from someone's loved one, we needed to avoid feeling the grief with our clients, because if we are crying how can we deliver a message? When someone around us is grieving or in pain, we can be better of service to them by remaining in the energy of Divine Love and then seeing them also in that place of peace and calm. It will not eliminate the need to go through the stages of grief, but it will help with the intensity of the emotions and provide hope and healing.

These are just a few suggestions. Bottom line. Get enough rest. Don't over-tax yourself with worry, doing too much, fear, or allowing yourself to feel like a victim. Empathize with the pain others are feeling, but don't adopt their pain.

If you have lost someone you love, or need help navigating a difficult period in your life, a private session may help!

Feel free to visit me at and set up a session with me. You can also check out my books on a variety of subjects and find out when I may be in your area or how you can connect with me.

Times are tough. We are here to be the holders of peace and lighthouses in the dark. If we are feeling dark, how can we shine the light for those around us?

Refrain from strong emotional reactions to world events or jumping on emotional bandwagons. Stay calm. Send love. Be peace.

Sending Divine Love to all those affected by tragedy and loss and all those who love them.


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