Creating Energetic Boundaries

There are times when the energy in the world around us is overwhelming and we are affected in our physical bodies. We may have trouble sleeping. We may struggle with difficult emotions. We may lose our temper. We may even contract some physical illness which stops us in our tracks.

I had written this blog and scheduled it for publication before the heart-wrenching events in Texas. We are all so filled with a variety of emotions, the strongest of which is sadness for the victims and their families. I am not here to comment on the political soap boxes any time there is a tragedy like this. Everyone is affected no matter which side of the political stance you take.

When events like this happen, we feel collective emotions, like sadness, horror, anger, and grief. With all my heart I send thoughts of love to the families affected. Love is the emotion that is needed most at this time. On the other hand, those of us who are in any way sensitive often are affected energetically when an emotion if felt on a large scale.

Read on to begin to understand how to differentiate between your own emotions and the emotions of others, and how to protect your energy field when emotions run high.