There are times in our lives when we find ourselves questioning our long-held beliefs or ways of living our lives. Things we may have believed about God, the Universe, or the nature of our lives all come into reconsideration. This may be preceded by a tragic event, a discovery of a difficult truth, or some other usually sudden event that rocks our world in some way.

Easter season and the celebration of spring is upon us. Whether or not you believe the Easter story, the symbolism is clear. Something that was alive became dead and at some point rose up again in a newer improved version of the former glory.

This can also be applied to the non-religious version of Easter with eggs and bunnies.

Chickens and bunnies live their lives, continually laying eggs or reproducing in various seasons. This time of year, however, we see representations of them everywhere. The theme is new beginnings, birth, and new life. This follows a time of winter when all of life seems dead or at least sleeping.

Spiritual awakenings are almost always preceded or at least accompanied by some version of a dark night of the soul.

Everything that you relied on, trusted, and staked your life on suddenly disappears or shows itself to be in some way flawed.

You believed in someone or something.

He or she or they or it let you down.

You are flung head first into a grave of sorts and left there for dead.

It may be days, or weeks, or even years.

One day, you feel a stirring inside of you.

A sliver of light begins to shine in through the cracks in the walls that have confined you or imprisoned you.

Perhaps you have some sort of moment when the Divine shines its Light on you and breathes life back in to you.

Or perhaps it is more gradual.

The cracks in your soul have created an opening for the light to shine through.

I cannot tell you that eventually you will end up in a better place. Everyone has a different story and a different way of living out the dark night. But remember, dark nights lead to the dawning of a new day.

The former version of you will live on only in the memories of those who knew the old you. The new you will arise a totally different version of yourself. For awhile you may not recognize the new you. Your old relationships may not either. You may have to forge a new path and meet new travelers on the path of life. You may move. You may change careers or significant others. You may attempt to fit the new you into the old mold but that will never work. If the significant relationships in your life are strong, they will survive. But there are no guarantees.

What will you gain from this awakening?

You gain yourself!