Are Curses Real?

Recently I have become aware of a resurgence of clients coming to me believing they were the victim of a curse, so I thought it may be beneficial to have a little chat about curses.

Most countries and cultures other than the United States and more science-based humans believe in the idea and power of curses.

Being born and raised with a Fundamental Christian background, curses were very much a real thing. The whole basis of Christianity is that humanity is cursed because of Adam and Eve's decision to eat a forbidden fruit. Jesus came to break that curse and free us from the curse of sin. Throughout the Bible there are stories of curses and their power. Even Jesus apparently cursed a fig tree because he was hungry and it had no fruit on it for him to eat.

Various belief systems use curses to punish their enemies or get a desired outcome.

Do these curses really have power?

When I decided to leave the faith of my family and explore other options, I decided to completely leave behind all viewpoints and decide for myself after studying various beliefs and streams of thought. The idea of the devil, demons, curses and yukky stuff like that were some of the things I put on the back burner.

I discovered that the less I thought about the devil, the less he seemed to bother me.

It was the habit of my church to blame the devil, demons, or even curses from God to be the culprit of many of our troubles. If I didn't tithe my money was cursed. If I questioned the Bible I was really cursed. If I used divination or other than the gift of prophecy, or practiced any religion other than Christianity, you guessed it. I was cursed. I remember once in our church a woman left her husband and then left the church and she was cursed.

So you may understand that when I decided to leave the church and then subsequently leave my marriage, this took a great deal of courage.

Was I worried about being cursed?

No, I was worried that if I didn't, I would die inside.

Was I afraid? Of course I was!

What I discovered was that my life took a turn.

For the first time I knew what JOY felt like.

At that moment, I decided that the whole thing had been a lie. All of it.

So for the next ten years or so, I did not run in to any devils, demons, evidence of curses, or yukky stuff. I did eventually run into disembodied spirits who needed help crossing over, which I was happy to do. Sometimes I allowed them to speak their truth through my voice so they could find peace and cross to the light. But this was not the same.

I was happily giving and receiving messages outside of my former faith. I was practicing various belief systems that were not Christianity. I was meditating.

I did not shrivel up and die a painful death. My life and sense of joy and satisfaction had in fact, increased.

And then one day...........

The first thing that happened was that I decided to attend