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April Insights

If any month of the year seems like a good month to go inside a cave and contemplate the meaning of life or explore unknown territories, April would be the month I would choose.

April seems to be all about discovering hidden truths.

In numerology, April is a 2 month. I arrive at this number by adding the 4 from the fourth month of April to the 7 of the sum of the numbers of our current year, 2023 (2+0+2+3). Adding the 4 from April to the 7 for 2023 results in the number 11, and 1+1=2.

Many believe 11 to be the number of the Angels, or Evolved Beings of Love and Light of some sort. If you don't necessarily believe in Angels or higher beings, then it is a double 1, which is the number of the self, of self-realization, self-understanding and self-awareness, and if you give yourself a double dose of that, you will understand or at least come into contact with your higher self.

The number 2 in numerology has to do with community, of nurturing, of vulnerability, of intuitive information, and of women. It also has to do with patience, of inner contemplation, inner wisdom, and psychic ability. It can be the number of secret information, or perhaps the revealing of secrets.

In the Tarot, the 11 card is the card of Justice and the 2 card is the card of the High Priestess.

The Justice card has to do with the balancing of the scales, of law, justice, and what is or is not fair. The High Priestess has to do with women's issues, spirituality, psychic ability, the Sacred Feminine, and therefore sometimes is interpreted as the card of secrets, because intuition often reveals hidden knowledge.

If you have been seeking justice in some aspect of your life, this month you may receive an answer to that quest. Justice for women in particular may be a huge point of interest. Whether the judge rules in your favor or not I cannot say for sure, but know that sometimes hidden information comes out which either assists the carrying out of justice or creates the need for some to create even more secrets to cover up the other ones. If you work in the field of law, justice, politics, or the military, this month could turn out to be an important one for you.

If you are hiding something or seeking the truth of something that is secret, this month could prove to be important. If you don't really want to know the truth, or don't want a certain truth to be revealed, you may be the one who may need to go hide inside the cave. If you are seeking truth, it will take a certain amount of digging around for the truth to come out.

My spiritual mentor always said she hated 2 months and 2 years because they were sooooo ssslllooowww. Patience is required. If you want action or movement of some kind, you may want to wait until May. However, remember that your own personal numbers will affect the universal numbers in your own personal life. If you are not necessarily in a 2 personal month, you will notice the energy slowing down, but it may or may not affect you personally.

I always tell my clients that 2 months and 2 years are not times to expect a lot of forward momentum. You may as well go exploring in that cave.

However, in my personal line of work, 2 energy is wonderful! My psychic abilities seem particularly on point when the number 2 is present. I am blessed to be doing two (2) psychic events this month! (Check out dates and details here)

We also recently had Saturn move into Pisces, a water sign, and a very intuitive one at that. This in combination with the numerology and the Tarot symbolism of this month means that there may come to be more accountability in the area of using psychic information. If people find themselves in a position of using tools of psychic abilities for causes that are malevolent or unjust, this month may not be a good month for you. But if you are using your abilities for good or just trying to make a living doing what you love, you should be fine or even receive some sort of recognition or justice. For me, I would love to not have to pay an exhorbitant fee for a license to be able to run my business in my county in Virginia just because I am an intuitive. But that is a battle for another day. (Who knows? Maybe that will come up for a reconsideration or a revision. I happily pay the fee until someone figures out it is unjust.)

So how will this month affect you personally?

Do this. Add up the month and the day of your birthday along with the 2 for April and see what number you come up with. If the numbers are double digits, which they probably will be, add those two numbers together until you get a single number.

Here are some short snap shots of each number and what you may expect this month personally.

1. If your number is 1, you may begin something new this month. A new job, exercise program, a new relationship perhaps, or the relationship you are in may take a turn one way or the other. You may take a trip, embark upon a journey of self-realization or self-empowerment. The theme is the self, and new beginnings of some kind.

2. If your number added up to 2, yay you. Your numbers will always coincide with the universal numbers, so read the rest of the blog. It all is significant for you.

3. If your numbers added up to 3, you are in for a treat. You may move forward in a significant way this month. Something you have been attempting to manifest may begin to move forward. You need to have fun this month, explore or have adventures. Communicate your truth and express yourself creatively or otherwise. Words and communication will be important this month. Remember this is at odds with the universal theme so it may be a bit difficult to make this happen.

4. This is a month to put your nose to the grindstone and get to work. You may be putting some feet to your aspirations this month. Building foundations, creating boundaries, and getting organized may come up for you this month. Not necessarily a fun month, but you can get a lot done or at least get organized for whatever comes up for you next.

5. Get ready for the unexpected this month. When the number 5 is around, you never know what is going to happen, but you can bet it will be a surprise. The enemy is boredom for you this month. Do something out of the ordinary. Take a trip. Do something you consider out of your comfort zone.

6. Relationships are going to be your theme this month. You may find yourself having to make some decisions regarding love or family, or you may discover some secrets involving someone you know. You may reveal a secret of your own. You may just find yourself around people a lot or taking care of family issues.

7. You are aligned with the universal energy of 2, in that this month may move a little slow for you. You may be doing a lot of thinking this month. You may connect with your soul or higher power in some significant way. When 7 energy is around it seems there are challenges to overcome, but you seem to have a connection to a higher source that makes the challenges a bit easier to overcome. 7 is also the energy of the mind. Whether it is your mind or the Higher Mind, you will need to take some time to process this energy.

8. This is a month to empower yourself. Money or power may also come into focus or be important this month. When 8 energy is around, making money seems to be a bit easier, unless you have chosen to have difficulties in this area. If money is always a problem, it may be more of a problem this month than usual. (Oh it is April.. tax month. Don't forget to file your taxes.)

9. This month you may be ending or closing up some aspect of your life. If there have been loose ends in some area, you may find closure this month. Clean out your closets. Throw away old food in the fridge. Give away items which can be reused. You may move or end a relationship or a job. Don't do anything this month that is new. Wait until next month. Don't buy new stuff or start a new relationship.

Enjoy April for what it is. Life is a series of ups and downs. Go with the flow. Meditate or engage in your spiritual practice a little more than usual this month and you should be okay.

You can access my calendar and see what is going on with me this month, check out my books and other blog posts, schedule an appointment and find out what makes me do what I do, all on my website!


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