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Accessing Inner Strength

Normally I chat about the energies of the month somewhere near the first day of the month, but this month seemed different. I couldn't put my finger on why everything just felt a bit off. It was almost like I was waiting for something as yet unknown to be revealed.

As of the writing of this chat, it still feels off.

We are coming to the end of a universal 5 year. 5 is the number of changes, normally fast and sometimes unexpected. Looking back on the year, yes, we have had some significant events that brought about great change, or at least set us on a trajectory in a new and different direction. Covid is still a thing. Political unrest is still rampant.

December is the 12th month of the year and the 1 and the 2 added up equal 3. Add that to the 5 year and we find ourselves in an 8 month as a collective. 8 is the number of money, power, and, more specifically, self-empowerment. This month, as a collective human race, we are being called to question those in power and ask ourselves how much we allow people to get away with who have some sort of power over us or are in some way connected to our source of income or our bottom line. Obviously I am not in any way encouraging violence in pursuit of change. However, money and power have always been in charge and have dictated how the world runs. In our own personal lives, perhaps it's time to shift how we think about those aspects of our life and, more importantly, make changes that are in line with our own sense of responsibility over our own lives. We as a human race have always allowed a few to rule over many. We have given our personal power away to those who seem to have more power than us, to rulers, to an idea of a vengeful or fearful God, to the idea that we are not the creators of our own experience of life for various reasons.

December may also be a month when we find it necessary to access the strength that can only be found inside of ourselves or in conjunction with our Benevolent Spirit Helpers, however you see them.

The big takeaway from this month is that we are not victims. Yes, sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Sometimes things we believe in turn out to be flawed. People we trust let us down or leave us too soon.

At some point we have to put our grown up panties on and rise to the occasion. We have to access our own inner strength and take care of business. We have to stop letting events from our past define us. We have to admit our mistakes or misunderstandings and make amends. We have to rise from the rubble of our lives, come up with an action plan and move forward.

How this universal theme plays out in your own life depends on where you are in the journey of your soul. Each of us have personal numbers that interact with universal themes. We have planets and stars that align individually with a collective theme. You may see this theme playing out on the news or in the lives of others but it may or may not affect you personally.

The important thing to do is, if you are not being personally affected, see what you can do to help others who are. Be a shoulder to lean on, a source of strength for others, a benevolent hand of assistance. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Not a hand of anger or violence, but of love.

Let us finish up this year loving ourselves and others. Being strong in the face of injustice. Kind in the face of misfortune.

If you need assistance navigating the waters of change in your own life, or wish to access the wisdom of the Benevolent Spirit Communicators, a personal session may be just what you need! You can book an appointment for yourself or gift it to someone else on my website. I also have books available as gifts or for your own journey as you discover and evolve in your understanding of spiritual truth.

We are all in this together!


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