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Your Ancestors Are Calling You

In anticipation of the soon-to-be-released book, The Ancestors Within, Volume 2, I wanted to share with all of you what this book is about!

I was asked to join with twenty-four healers and world changers in presenting my perspective on the link between our ancestors and spiritual or soul healing.

I will be honest. I have not always embraced the idea that my ancestors had an impact on the person I am today. I wanted to be my own person, forge my own path, without the baggage of this concept. However, as I have grown into the person I am today, I have realized that my ancestors have played a major part in my perspective on life and how I view the world.

My dad, through his understanding of his authority in the spirit world, often could move storms and create or stop the rain. Although his understanding and mine differ in some ways, in other ways I could attribute some of my skills to those he exhibited. My mother always wanted to be a writer, and now I am the author of three books, and this one coming up. Would I be the person I am today without the influence of their blood flowing through my veins? Maybe some version, but not completely.

In The Ancestors Within series of books, Amy Gillespie and other author-healers share their perspectives on honoring and acknowledging ancestral roots, and bringing healing to generational patterns of belief and behavior.

In my chapter I talk about those ancestors who may be flawed, missing, or in some way marginalized.

We all have ancestors who were either not well, perhaps behaved in ways that lacked character, or were completely excluded from the family tree. When we exclude them, we create a hole in the family line.

I completely understand that there are some people who are toxic, and need to be cut out of your life. However, in eliminating your contact with them, it is important to settle with them. Find closure. Address the wound. Don't pretend it is not there. Don't pretend they are not your blood.

In my chapter, I say this, "If you do not settle with an unwell ancestor, the pattern is likely to emerge at some point in the future. "

How do you settle with a toxic ancestor?

Here is where I should say, BUY THE BOOK!

I offer a tool, a ritual, that you can do to settle the score.

This tool will work whether you are addressing a wound or acknowledging a missing member of the family.

The truth is, we have all missed the mark. We have all done things that at the time seemed right, but in retrospect, were mistakes in judgement. None of us have lived lives of perfection. My chapter in this book addresses those things that sometimes we wish to forget.

And there are twenty four other chapters! Each healer/author presents a different perspective on ancestral healing, and each chapter offers a tool to uncover your roots, honor your ancestors, or find healing for a wound.

The projected release date is October 27. I will have autographed, paperback copies available to purchase from me personally in November, or you can purchase the Kindle or paperback version on Amazon late October. If you want to pre-purchase from me, you can contact me for info. I will be sharing details about the release date soon, and sharing a Facebook Live Launch party on October 27.

"In bringing closure to our ancestors, we are offering them something much greater than a piece of cake. We are offering them acceptance and love. And that is what we all long for. " (quote from The Ancestors Within, Volume 2, Chapter 3.)

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