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Valentine's Day is Not Just For Lovers!

Every February in many countries around the world, we celebrate the feast of St Valentine, or Valentine’s Day. What began as a religious celebration, over the years has become well known for a time to celebrate love. Although love is always a reason to celebrate, many complain that, along with many other holidays, it has evolved into a marketing ploy to get people to spend money on flowers, cards, candy and other items that lovers may choose to give to one another to express their inner feelings of love and adoration. Many marriages and marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day, as well as, on the flip side, many hearts are broken or forced into a harsh confrontation of the lack of a romantic relationship in their life. For the latter, Valentine’s Day is a difficult reminder that they are not partnered off or enjoying the adoration of another human being.

Human nature and western culture seems to dictate the erroneous belief that if you are not partnered off into some version of a love relationship, then you are “less than” those who happen to be in a relationship. This is a long-held belief that has not seemed to have lost much of its momentum, despite our modern day evolution in the definition of exactly what is a love relationship.

Many times our long held beliefs are not necessarily ones that we are taught mouth to mouth and parent to child. As a child we observe most families partnered off in some sort of way and we assume that that is the way it is supposed to be. As a parent and a grandparent to girls, I notice that as early as kindergarten the little girls come home announcing “so and so” as their new boyfriend. Is that something we are born with, this “need” to be partnered off, or are we sending some sort of subliminal message to our children that we are better off when we are acknowledged as part of a couple?

As a spiritual intuitive and psychic medium, I noticed immediately when I started offering my services to the public that love was in the top two of questions asked when people would come to me for a reading. That means that it is apparently a huge part of our lives as humans. Inside of us we have a need to be loved and to offer love to another human being. But what about our love for ourselves?

One of the first things I address when talking to my clients about love is the subject of vibration. We emit a sort of frequency, not unlike a radio signal, that sends out a energetic message to other humans. Although undetectable by any outside means, subconsciously we are sending out a signal that is saying something about what you are looking for, expecting, desiring or fearing in a relationship. That signal you send out will attract the sort of partner that matches the signal. What is the signal you are sending and what type of people are receiving that signal?

If your dominant thought about a primary relationship is that you are not in one, and you want to be, you may have trouble attracting love. Why? Your dominant thought may be that of lack or a need for something you do not have. Years ago one of my teachers told me that my predominant thought was that at some point in the future, this and this would happen and I would feel fulfilled and that I had "arrived." The problem with that belief was that what I desired was always just out of my reach because I believed I had not yet arrived at that point. The key to my sense of contentment was to realize that every moment I lived was a moment to treasure, and that my sense of fulfillment must be in the present moment. That is a hard word to receive if you are living in some sort of lack or do not see in your present experience the realization of something you really want. However, it is an important step!

Whether it is a love relationship you want, or something entirely different, why not access all the love being spread around this time of year to really love where you are at this moment in time!

Every morning when you wake up, why not send love to yourself and congratulate yourself for another day to celebrate and be alive? Why not see yourself enjoying every moment and relishing all of the wonders and joys of life? Each moment is a gift!

Today and every day, choose gratitude and joy instead of sarcasm, pain, or resentment. If the one you love has not shown up or is not working out at this moment in time, choose to be thankful that Love still does exist and that is strongest right inside of your own heart!


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