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The Veil Between the Worlds

There is a membrane between the world that we see, hear touch, taste, and smell and the world of mystery, of awareness and of spirit.

At times we become aware, by tapping in to our inner knowing, our intuitive thoughts and feelings, or perhaps in our dream state, that the world beyond what we see and feel is closer than we realize. We can almost feel the embrace of our loved one. We can almost smell the fragrance of their cologne, feel their breath upon our neck. Perhaps the sound of their voice wakes us from slumber, or the faint scent of cigarette smoke passes through the air.

Almost, but not quite.

Sometimes it can be infuriating. Our hearts begin to race. If we peer out of the corner of our eye we can almost see their form passing before our eyes.

Perhaps we recreate our moments together. A car ride. The touch of our hands against theirs as they lay perhaps in a hospital setting, or as we walked together in the mountains, or enjoyed a meal together.

I am here to tell you that your loved ones are as close as your thoughts. Their energy draws near when you glance at their photo on the mantle. When you whisper their name as you enjoy their favorite meal, or blow out candles on your birthday cake as you mark another year without them.

There are times when the veil between the worlds is thinner than normal. If you are sensitive to energy, you may feel more tired than usual. You may have unexplained waves of emotion. You may feel a degree of pain in your physical body.

If you are aligned with an organization, a group of people, or a cause that is collectively expressing an intense emotion, you will most likely feel more agitated or aligned with that particular emotion. Here in the U.S. there is a large degree of intense emotions being expressed both over our airways, social media platforms, news organizations and in actual human interactions. This is also occurring in other parts of the world for various if not similar issues. The innocent act of associating with a nationality, a culture, a race, a gender identity, even a family or a religious belief puts you in the position of having the possibility of being affected by the collective emotions being expressed.

It is important to be aware of the veil between the worlds and to release any energies that are not yours to hold. Sometimes we take on the emotions of other people out of sympathy or even love. We may innocently say, "I wish I could take your place and experience your grief for you." This sometimes creates a link between you and a grieving person and you find yourself tied to that person's grief. This is not healthy! Not only are you feeling grief that is not yours, the other person most likely is not feeling any relief from their own emotions.

What do you do when you have taken on energy or emotions that are not yours?

What can you do to reinforce the veil between the worlds when the intensity is too much to bear?

Simply stating, "I release any energy that does not belong to me or is not in alignment with my highest good." is normally sufficient. If you are particularly sensitive you may have to do this every day. Just as you bathe your body regularly, you also have to bathe your energy field regularly. Emotions sometimes take on a life of their own and wander around in the atmosphere until they attach to a host, not unlike a virus.

On the other hand, what should you do if you desire connection with a presence that is on the other side of the veil?

If you have lost someone and desire a connection, the easiest thing to do is to create some sort of representation of their energy, like a photo and some items that belonged to them. Gather your items together and speak with them as if they were standing in your presence. After you are done, release them back to the light. It is important not to hold your loved ones hostage! Sometimes our loved ones are tied to us through our emotions, and if we are having trouble letting them go, it is possible they may have trouble leaving. Tell them you release them with love to the next experience of their soul.

Sometimes living in the world of spirit seems more desirable than living in physical reality. It is important to remember that you agreed on some level as a soul to come in to this life and live in a human body experience. It is important to spend a fair amount of time in your physical body! I remember an old saying that went, "don't be so spiritually minded that you are no earthly good."

Every day, acknowledge the world of spirit, but live in the physical world. Do natural things! Take a walk. Drink water. Eat food. Laugh. Be grateful for the opportunity to express your soul in the earth realm.

As you live your life and decide to be happy, you participate in raising the collective experience of humanity. The veil between the worlds is there for a reason. It is fine to visit the other realms, but you are here. Your energy is contributing to the overall vibration of the planet. What is your contribution? Are you contributing to the energy of unrest and agitation, or are you contributing to the energy of love and unity?

Be here now.


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