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The Need to "Know"

Why do people consult a psychic like myself? Somewhere within ourselves there is an innate need to "know" something that is outside of our five senses. Some want to know the future. Some want to know that a loved one on the other side is okay, or that they approve of a particular choice we may have made. Some want to know if the decisions they are making about their lives are the right ones.

What are some of the most common questions I am asked?

"Am I making the right career decision?"

"Is my love interest the "right" one?"

"Is he/she my soul mate?"

"What is my purpose?"

So here is the truth. You are in control of your life.

My job is not to tell you if he or she is "the one." The truth is, he or she may very well be the one, but that does not mean they are the forever person for you. You two may have made a soul agreement to be together for a specific period of time, and then part ways, either through choice or death. Maybe you agreed to work on a character issue together. Maybe one or the other of you agreed to be a catalyst for growth for the other.

If I, or another psychic, tells you that a specific person is your soul mate, and the relationship ends, does that mean that psychic was wrong? (by the way, I NEVER tell anyone that!) Does that mean you are doing something wrong if you leave the relationship or the other person chooses to end it? NO! As souls we choose to come together for various reasons. Forever is never guaranteed. (my hubby hates when I say this, but we agree that life is fragile and the present moment is all we really have!)

Nineteen years ago at the beginning of my journey with my husband, we were both told separately by different psychics that we would probably not make it as a couple. Despite that, just celebrated our eighteenth wedding anniversary. Had I listened to that psychic, I may have just decided to quit when times got tough. And yes, times get tough for every relationship. But I took my life into my own hands and decided I wanted this to work out and I could not imagine my life without him.

I always tell my clients that I sense what is going on in your energy field at the moment in time that I am tuning in. I intuit a probable trajectory based on the current energy surrounding a particular situation. However, it is up to you what decisions you make. You don't have to take my advice, and I would hope that you would not give me that much power over your life. I will give you insight into what paths may be in your best interests. I will help you avoid pitfalls and direct your course to your intended destination. But I am more like a GPS, telling you which way to go based on the coordinates you provide. It is your choice to follow those suggestions or to forge ahead on a completely different course.

If a particular choice seems right to you, it probably is. It may not last forever. It may just be a jumping off point for something else. It may seem right at the time, but after getting into it you may come to realize it was not the best decision. Any decision you make is a learning and growing experience. It is all up to you!

So, if you are in charge of your destiny, what is the benefit in seeing a psychic or spiritual intuitive?

When I tune in to your higher guidance system, your higher self, your Guides, or your loved ones on the other side may have beneficial information to assist you in making an informed decision. They may tell you the better choice between a variety of options. They may encourage you to keep going or to not give up. They may tell you of another person's true motives. They may even tell you to look in a particular direction for something important or even what your strengths and weaknesses are. They may warn you of a health concern or alert you to a limited belief that is hindering you from moving forward.

There are a lot of reasons to have a private session. However, it is also okay to live your life without the need to "know" everything that is going to happen before it does. If Spirit told you everything before it happened, it would be like that annoying friend who tells you the ending of a movie you've been wanting to see.

Your Guides will not interfere unless asked. They may save you from a pending tragedy and they may not. It all depends on what you as a soul contracted to do before you incarnated. They may give you spoiler alerts and they may not. They will always provide important clues to how you can best navigate your journey. They will assist in removing blocks or non-beneficial energy.

My favorite sessions with clients are the ones when, together, we navigate any energetic hindrances that are keeping you from living your best life. I may see a projection from an ancestor or a past life vow that is keeping you from experiencing joy or finding love. You probably aren't even aware of it! Maybe you never recovered from in utero trauma or the death of a loved one.

We as souls have incarnated as the main player in our own life. It is important not to give away our power to another force and allow someone else to make decisions for us. Always make choices about your life based on what feels good in your soul, not what someone else says is good for you.

Many years ago I attended what was known as a "prophetic" church. This was where the ability to deliver messages from the world of Spirit was awakened and nurtured. It was a regular part of our spiritual practice to give and receive messages from the Holy Spirit. The pastor would walk up and down the aisles of the church and deliver messages to the congregration. It was both liberating and limiting. It was liberating because my ability and desire to communicate with the world of Spirit had a platform. I was very shy so I had this safe space to expand my abilites and confidence. It was limiting because the messages had to fit into the box of that belief system and also because every word that came out of the mouths of the leaders of the church or through a prophetic message were assumed to be Divine communication. People began to depend on the leaders to tell them who to marry, what kind of car to drive, and where to live. I began to question the power that the gift of prophecy had over people who allowed another person to make decisions about their lives.

Fast forward to what I do today. Yes, I can access answers from the world of Spirit. But I make a point to encourage my clients to some thinking for themselves.

Your life is yours to create!

A spiritual intuitive like myself can offer you insights based on our information we receive from your Higher Guidance system. However, your life is your own. It is okay not to "know" every detail ahead of time.

The need to "know" seems inherent in our human nature. On some level, we have an inner GPS providing us with guidance. However, it has been my experience that Spirit never gives away the ending. If every step we took was planned out ahead of time by some Cosmic Force, what would be the point? Life is an adventure. We create it as we go along.

Spirit is not some Force dictating to you every step of your life. Spirit is more like a coach, offering advice, helping you to eliminate weaknesses or blocks to your highest good, suggesting a plan of action or just encouraging you to keep going and reminding you that you have those not in physical form who are there cheering you on.

Be the author of your own story.


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