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Life and Love Lessons

This is my first time writing a blog about a book I read, but I just read this incredible book by fellow writer and "woo woo" enthusiast and could not put it down!

Melinda interviewed me once for her podcast on her website, The Good Karma Success Coach. It was our first time connecting. To be honest, we are in one of those book writing clubs and she wrote reviews for both of my books and I was returning the favor. Apparently, reviews are what get your book rankings on Amazon so people can find it.

However, once I started reading, I was hooked.

She starts out telling the story about how her and her grandma used to play with ouija boards in the basement together and some of the information that came through. Immediately I loved her grandma.

I could not stop laughing when she told the story of her first sort-of-marriage that wasn't all that she had anticipated. A tarot reader was able to shine the light on the situation for her. The story made me laugh and cry at the same time. It reminded me about how we as women are many times so hungry for love that we put up with a lot of bad behavior and then we are hesitant to admit we may have made a mistake. On top of that there is that little bit of shame of admitting a mistake to our family and friends and how that sometimes fuels our bad decisions to try to avert an oncoming train wreck.

Melinda blends so much humor and blunt honesty into her writing that is sure to resonate with any of you who have made mistakes, been ashamed to admit them, made huge life decisions based on an inner knowing or a card reading, or jumped headfirst into the unknown without any logic other than.. "I just feel this is the right thing to do."

Juggling her professional life, her love life, and her spiritual life is a common concern among those of us who seem to have an inner urge to shine the light of our souls and find direction from signs, tarot cards, and other "woo woo" techniques. Each chapter is a sometimes touching, sometimes hilarious, sometimes weepy glimpse into the life of a woman who, much like each of us, has moments of clarity and moments of human-ness. You may find some chapters resonate with you more than others. That is common in any book. But you will find your "ah-hah" moment along with her as you traverse her story with her gift of honesty, humor and wit.

The cool thing is, today is the debut of this book on Amazon! She is having a big sale, and you can snatch it up for an unbelievable price! Here is a link to her book.

Don't forget to leave her a review and help others find it!


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