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Laundry Day

Early on in my adventure with giving messages from the deceased, I was connecting with a woman who showed me laundry hanging outside blowing in the breeze. Many times the images I see are literal, and many times they are symbolic. After asking the person I was talking to whether or not this had significance for the woman I was connecting with, and she indicated it did not, I realized that the laundry had more of a symbolic significance. My next question was, "hmm, well then it looks like she may have had some dirty laundry then...." The symbolism of dirty laundry is that she lived a life that was not necessarily squeaky clean. This turned out to be the case.

Although most of us can agree that this would be true for almost all of us, some of us may try to hide our dirty laundry, while others proudly hang it out for all to see.

The hard truth is that we or our ancestors who came before us all probably had a secret or two. The key to living a life without regrets is not that we did or did not do anything that caused pain to ourselves or others, because all of us have to admit that in some way we have all done that to one degree or another, but that when we came to the end, we had made amends or at least attempted to for all those things we were not proud of. On the flip side, if someone wronged us, we did not carry the grudge to the grave.

All of us can admit that we have done things, said things, thought things, or felt things that in the moment felt right, but in hindsight we regretted. Recently I was channeling Spirit and Spirit told us that we all looked at life through different colored glasses. Depending on the color of glasses we were wearing, our actions may have seemed right to us and wrong to someone else.

This poses the question that if we did something that seemed right to us at the time but in some way caused pain to someone else, are we responsible for making amends? There seems here to be a fine line between right and wrong. The decisions we make in life do not always benefit everyone every time. We may have pre-conceived notions about good and evil, right and wrong, black and white, light and dark. But the key to awareness is going within what we perceive and looking at that thing from all angles. If someone else's happiness is depending on our suffering, are we obligated to suffer? Are we obligated to hide someone else's dirty laundry? Or does that dirty laundry benefit us in some way so that we are compelled to hide it?

These are all tough questions which do not have easy answers. Sometimes we carry our dirty laundry with us to the grave, leaving it for our descendants to clean up. Sometimes after we pass from this life to the next, our dirty laundry hinders us from moving forward in the afterlife.

The key is to think, act, and speak in such a way so that we know that we are doing the best we can with the tools we have at any given moment in time. And to know that everyone else is doing exactly the same thing. The more we focus on clean laundry, the less we will be bothered by the dirty laundry.

Does that mean if we are only focusing on the clean laundry that we never have to deal with the dirty stuff? I would imagine that eventually we will run out of clothes! However, the key to cleaning laundry is putting it in an environment where the dirt can be removed. That means holding space for those with dirty laundry to find resolution.

However, if we are going to assist those with dirty laundry, we have to be relatively clean ourselves. We can't expect the clothes to get clean if we are putting them in a washing machine with dirty water!

The hard truth is, all of us are living our lives in various stages between clean and dirty. Most of us are striving to be clean, but every now and then we end up playing in the mud and getting dirty. I am not saying that playing in the mud is not fun or desirable, but at some point we may want to take a bath!

It is time to release our judgements toward ourselves and others. It is time to know that our version of clean may not be everyone's version of clean. It is time to know that we are all on this journey together. Some days I may decide to play in the mud. I will eventually take a bath. You will do the same thing. If I decide to judge someone for playing in the mud, chances are at some point in the future, I am going to find myself in the mud.

Just for today, let us release our thoughts about right and wrong, good and bad, clean and dirty laundry, and especially someone else's version of it. Know that we are all in this together.


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