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Jesus Gave Me My Soul Back

One morning, several years ago, I went out for my morning run.

I heard the familiar "caw caw" of the neighborhood crows as I set out on my journey.

This was always a "sign" to me that the doors to the realm of Spirit were open and someone in the Spirit realm had a message.

Today it was Jesus.

Jesus and I have a complicated relationship.

Born and raised a born-again, tongue-talking, jig-dancing, foot-stomping Christian, the first thirty-five years were spent in His company, or at least, attempting to be in His company. I danced my jigs, stomped my feet, said my prayers, and did everything I thought was necessary to score my place in Heaven.

At some point, the honeymoon was over. Admitedly, it was always somewhat of a struggle, but I was in denial. If there was a problem, surely it was my fault, not Jesus'.

Fast forward into my forties. I had left my faith, divorced my husband, remarried, and left my relationship with Jesus in the crumpled mess of my past. Buried and forgotten.

In the meantime, I had been busy exploring every other religion that crossed my path or stirred my interest. At some point the ability to receive and deliver messages was reborn or reignited. And I was happily skipping down this new path. I realized the gift of listening to Spirit and delivering messages was coming from the same place it did when I received the messages under the umbrella of Christianity. The messages were a bit more expansive, not limited to the box of a particular faith.

So it was a bit of a surprise when Jesus showed up on my morning run.

It was also a shock when I heard what He had to say.

"Joy, I want to give you your soul back."

"But you are Jesus. Shouldn't you keep it?"

Yes I knew I had willingly given Him my soul. Many times. It is part of the practice of that faith to give over your soul to Jesus. That is what assures you a spot in heaven.

"No Joy. You need all of your soul. I am still here for you. But you are in charge of your life, your path, your choices. I am here to love and support. I will never do it for you. In order to be complete, you need your soul. That is what this has all been about."

"Okay then."

So there it was. I got my soul back from Jesus.

Getting my soul back was not the lightening striking moment you would expect. But I was changed.

It wasn't too long after that that Jesus showed up again to ask me to write a book about my story. My years as a good little born-again Christian girl. My dark night of the soul. And my rebirth. MY born-again story.

Here it is 2021. I am now much older. Much wiser. And much happier.

I wrote and published the first version of my story of my on-again-off-again relationship with Jesus in 2014.

And I thought I had fulfilled my promise to Jesus. I told my story.

Recently, I found that there had been a re-emergence of interest in my transformation.

I began to read over the first version of my story in order to do the necessary work to publish it through Amazon and offer the paperback version. And now the day has come to offer my updated and amended verstion to you, my readers, clients, students, and others who may wonder how a born and raised Pentecostal became a Shamanic healer and psychic medium. They are not as polar opposite as you may think!

I talk about my years growing up in church. My struggles with depression, my gift of hearing Spirit and how I used it in the church. The years of silence. And then how, little synchronicity after synchronicity, I began to open myself back up to allowing myself to be used as a mouthpiece for Spirit.

It seems at this point in time, many are questioning their faith. It seems sometimes the line between devotion to the Divine in the form of Jesus and devotion to a particular group of "believers" sometimes becomes too thin to differenciate between the two.

The time of faith being a means of mind-control and fear are over. It is time to uncover and release our souls from the captivity of believing that there is only one way to true joy and peace through a particular belief system. It is time to shine the light of our souls and our own individual relationship to the Divine with joy and ecstacy.

If you are interested in hearing how a good-little-born-again-Christian evolved into a spiritual communicator, energy healer and diviner, then this book may interest you!

We are more than the faith that defines us. We are complicated, flawed, enormously powerful Divine beings who have chosen to experience all the joys and heart-wrenching challenges that life throws at us.

Life is an adventure.

Your soul is calling you!

Will you answer?


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