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February Forecast

Looking into the future is a bit like looking at the world through a glass. All we know is our own perspective. We may perceive a certain thing as a threat or an opportunity. It depends on whether we look through the glass with fear or curiosity.

February is a 2 month and we are in a 5 year. Added up this is a 7. In numerology 7 is about introspection, spiritual experiences, wisdom, but also the potential for uncertainty. In the tarot, the 7 card is the chariot.

The chariot card is all about movement forward, but experiencing challenges along the way. As the world struggles to overcome the pandemic, political agendas, and other heated issues, February may offer us some movement, but also some hindrances to forward progress. There may be some revelations that change the way we view or experience out lives. Our perspectives may come up for reevaluation.

Remember that all we know is what we think we know. Be open to revelations that shift your viewpoints. Don't be too quick to take action in a 7 month. Go within and seek wisdom. Honor your intuition.

The chariot card is also all about travel by car, and suggests you possibly get your car checked out or do some maintenance. Our cars represent our path in life. Are you headed in the direction of your dreams? It may be a good month to plan a trip or possibly do some soul searching about your life path.

Life does not move forward quickly or easily in 7 energy. Use this time to focus on your spiritual practice, plan ahead, or reevaluate your perspectives. Remember life cannot always be predictable.

Your own personal numbers will affect your experience of this month. However, the universal energy affects your own personal experience so take these suggestions into account when you are navigating your life in February.

Remember the fragility and impermanence of life. Be open to living life and experiencing joy in the moment, for tomorrow is not guaranteed.

If YouTube is your thing, here is a short video chat on this month's energies and a short reminder about the theme for the year (2021).

If you are having trouble navigating the ups and downs of life within this uncertain energy, feel free to contact me and set up a private session. Sometimes a little perspective from one who sees into the non-physical realm is just what you need to find resolution or answers to those nagging questions or difficult emotions.


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