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Energetic Check Up

How are you guys feeling this month? I know it has been a little while since I checked in here on my blog. For me, I have been busy! With all the energetic uncertainty, I have had a lot of people checking in with me to see what is happening in their lives or to deal with emotional or spiritual wounds.

July is a Universal "2" month, so this month it is really important to check in with your soul. Don't expect a lot of forward progress this month! Slow down!

Whenever we are faced with challenging situations, we are forced to call upon our inner reserves to get us through. It is important to continually be adding to those inner reserves by meditation or engaging in spiritual practice on a regular basis.

Just as we don't feed our bodies once a week, we have to feed our souls regularly.

Several times throughout the day, just stop what you are doing and focus on your breath. Try to slow your breathing down as much as you can while sending thoughts of Love into your heart. If you are feeling pain, emotionally or physically, pay particular attention to the area where you feel the pain lodging in your body. Focus your attention on that area, sending thoughts of love and peace. If you need to, request help from your Benevolent Helpers. Release with love emotions that have been stuck in your energy field for awhile. Feel them, then release them.

Life does not always flow calmly like a quiet stream. Sometimes there are storms. Sometimes our path seems to be detoured by unexpected turns of events. Sometimes it seems our path has been completely rerouted. One of the challenging yet exciting aspects of life is that we don't know the end of the story. Spirit does not normally tell us how everything will turn out. We are the ones who get to choose the end of our own story. And yet, even if we think we have chosen our "happily ever after", sometimes the other players in the game quit, get cut, or make unexpected choices that end up being game changers for us. It is what we have done during quiet times that determine how we react when life throws us a curve ball.

I encourage you to find your center. Access the help you need, whether it be through the medical profession, professional therapy, or spiritual counseling.

If you are interested in a spiritual "tune up", want to have a deep inner healing session through Shamanic Reiki healing sessions, talk to your Guides or Loved ones on the other side, access my abilities as a psychic medium,or just have someone to give you some intuitive insight into what is happening to you or for you, you can check me out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or HERE.

You got this!


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