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September Themes and Energies

We made it!!

I think almost everyone will agree that August was intense. In my previous post on the energies of August, I predicted that August would be unpredictable, and it certainly lived up to its theme. Now we enter September, and I am hoping we can all breathe a breath of fresh air.

But wait! Before you go off and celebrate, let's delve a little bit into what is likely to come up for you and possibly the collective conscious for this month.

In numerology, September is a "6" month. This is because September is the nineth month of the year, and we are in a "6" year (2+0+2+2). Anytime the number "9" enters into the equation, you can bet any themes coming up for you will be intensified.

I don't always mention this, but each of you is in your own yearly cycle, and it may or may not necessarily be the same as the universal energies. However, the universal cycles will affect you no matter what your personal numerological theme. How do you find out what your personal theme is? It is simple! Simply add the month and day of your birthday to the year, but only if your birthday is already past. Your yearly theme begins on your birthday! So if your birthday was yesterday, for example, you add the month and the day to 2022. But if your birthday is next month, you would add "5" to your birthday month and year until your birthday arrives, and then your theme will change. Not all numerologists account for a person's birthday, and believe the theme changes when the year turns over on January 1st. I understand the thinking, but I don't find it to be particularly accurate.

In numerology, "6" is the number of family, relationships, karma, give and take, and extremes. It is also known as the number of the past. Family themes will most likely be strong this month. This coincides with the cards of the tarot, both the "6" card of the Lovers, and the "15" card of the Devil. The Lovers card is the positive side of love and relationships and the Devil card is the card of relationship challenges, among other things.

If you add the "9" from September to the "6" of 2022 you get "15." Both the "1" and the "5" of "15" symbolize changes and new beginnings, but "1" is a more slow and methodical new beginning and is normally expected and anticipated while "5" is a little more sudden and sometimes shocking. Since 1+5=6, these changes are likely to revolve around relationships of some sort. Since most of life is about relationships, whether it is a lover, friend, parent, child, work colleague, boss, enemy, rival, or even our relationship with ourselves, we can all agree that most of life is about relationships of some sort. But when the energy of "6" is present, you can bet there is going to be a settling of accounts, due to the karmic nature of the number. There is going to be some sort of exchange of energy.

A lot of people feel a bit of concern when the Devil card shows up, but in reality, this card is all about focusing on what or who is keeping you from living your best life. If you don't know you are chained up or why you are chained up, it is a bit harder to free yourself. You may find this month shining the light on exactly how to free yourself, or at least let you know there is a problem. The Devil card is also the card of addictions, so if you struggle with addiction, this is the month to work on freeing yourself. If you are not ready to free yourself, you may find the struggle increases this month. If you have a loved one or family member struggling, you are also affected by their addictions, and the challenges may be particulary significant this month. You may consider scheduling an appointment to get a soul healing, so you can heal whatever wounds show up.

In the minor cards of the Tarot, you can see that each of these cards symbolize movement and exchange. The exchange is sometimes pleasant, sometimes not, but there is an obvious shift or exchange in each of the pictures depicted on these cards.

September is going to be a month of movement and the exchange of energy. Whatever changes occurred for you in July and August, September is going to create an atmosphere where you are forced to face the consequences of those changes and decifer how those changes are affecting you and the people in your life.

In my previous blog post I chatted a bit about the principle of "harm none." This theme is particularly significant this month since September is going to be a month of relationships. We should always strive to do as little harm as possible to our fellow earth travelers and even to the Earth itself. Harm is not just when we intentionally engage in activities that are detrimental to others, but even when we think harm on others or speak words of harm in the general direction of someone we don't like. We really need to change our pattern of judging those who are different from us or even who hold different viewpoints than we do. Bless and do not curse, even when it becomes necessary to release them from our lives.

The theme of relationships has been a general theme for this entire year, and we still have a few months to go. September is going to be a month when those themes seem to scream out to us for resolution, or at least for consideration. This month, focus on how you are behaving around those you love, and those you love a little less. Try to find closure on issues that remain unresolved. Work on your relationship with yourself and to your understanding of your higher power.

Remember that whatever issues we don't address may seem to settle down for a time, but eventually will once again poke their head out, and normally in a more aggressive manner. The longer you put off dealing with difficult issues, the harder it will be to keep the monster hidden in the closet.

Deal with your stuff this month.


As always, I am so much in gratitude for you! Thank you for your interest in my perspective.

If you would like to make an appointment, you can do so HERE. I see clients in person in Winchester Virginia, as well as by phone and Zoom.

I will be at two events this fall! Check them out and everything else I am up to HERE.

Let's try to be there for one another. Send love and blessings to those in the world who are suffering and give to charities working to assist those in need. If you can lend a helping hand to local charities or do something kind to someone, do it! Giving opens up the door to blessings being sent your way. If you don't have money, give of your kindness or donate whatever skills you possess to be of assistance. Be an angel for someone else and watch the doors of Heaven open up for you. If you have no other skills or ability to be of assistance, offer up prayers and thoughts of blessings to places in the world ravaged by war, hunger, poverty or disease. Be the change you want to see in the world!


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