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Meditation with Divine Love

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind. It is not completely eliminating thoughts, but, rather, not getting caught up in the thoughts that compete for your attention.

Once a month, I am hosting a Zoom gathering to meditate as a group and send the energy of the Divine into places where it is most needed.

Sometimes it is easier to follow along to someone (like myself) leading you in a guided meditation rather than attempting to quiet the mind on your own.

We as a group connected with the energy of Divine Love, anchoring it into our bodies, cleaning out our energy field, and then directing it to specific places and causes in the earth realm. We also specifically send the energy of Divine Love to the soul of the Covid virus. Divine Love coats and heals all that is affected by the virus and other causes dear to our hearts. Feel free to conect with the energy of the Collective Consciousness of this meditation and send the energy of Divine Love to the causes mentioned and the ones not mentioned.

Feel free to listen as often as it speaks to you. We can never overdose on the energy of Divine Love!


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