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What to Expect from a Psychic Reading

There may be a variety of reasons why you may seek out someone like me for what has been commonly called a "reading."

You may have lost someone and wish to communicate with them or possibly receive a message from them.

You may be facing a big decision and want to make sure you are headed in the direction that is most beneficial for you.

You may be wondering if a new love is a good match for you.

You may be looking for a job or want to move forward with your career. Possibly you are contemplating a change.

You may feel dissatisfied with the direction of your life or feel like something is missing. Maybe you want to know what is your purpose in life or are interested in connecting with your Spirit Guides or Angels.

Maybe you would like some guidance from a Higher Power.

It is also entirely possibly you just think a reading might be fun or perhaps you are being coerced by someone close to you. Those of us who find ourselves skilled in fortune telling, divination, or oracle reading many times are required by law to post a "disclaimer" that our services are for "entertainment purposes only."

Spiritual guidance comes in many forms. Over the course of my life, I have spent many years exploring and engaging in various spiritual practices. Over the past fifty or so years, I have immersed myself in spirituality calling itself by different names.

Our quest for meaning in life seems to be almost universal.

I am not here to argue the validity of my ability to receive and communicate messages from the Spirit world. I take my work seriously, but I am not opposed to someone coming to me to be entertained.

However, I thought I might explore a reading and what the experience may do for you. It is important to know what to expect when you schedule a reading.

Every person who gives readings will have a different method, so I am not here to give you a check off list so you can determine if someone is genuine or not. I am not here to question any other psychic, medium, or whatever they may call themselves.

Because I offer different services, I like to start my sessions asking my clients what they are looking for. There is no sense in me wasting my time telling you what your purpose in life is if you really just want to chat with grandma. I also offer healing of the soul, which I have talked about in my newest book "Whispers From Another Room", which you can check out HERE. I also talk about soul healing on YouTube here and a blog post here.

However, if you have no particular agenda, I normally start with numerology. With your name and date of birth, I can usually tap into your energy field and begin to get a feel for your energy and may begin exploring your purpose in life, your theme for the year, and various other information. At this point your Higher Self or Guides may step in and I may begin to receive intuitive information. This may be informational, such as a recent reading where the elementals in a client's yard began giving me information on some recent repairs on the house, or it may be deeper, such as how a recent client's anger towards herself at a particular age were creating or irratating some recent physical challenges. Sometimes loved ones or pets will begin to come through at this point. I may use cards such as tarot or lenormand, or perhaps a pendulum. I also have a magnet for pulling trapped emotions and limiting beliefs out of a person's energy field, however, with the Covid running rampant at this time, I have not been using tools which require close physical contact.

Spirit requires no particular proximity to my clients, so I am easily able to do any or all of these by phone, Zoom or even Facebook Video Chat. I have occasionally gotten messages for clients and texted or emailed the messages.

Spirit will only tell you things that are going to enhance your life or give you opportunity to grow. Your Highest Guides will never tell you what to do! They may give you thoughts on your highest or best path, but the final decision is always yours!

Once I predicted a client would find a job within a certain time period. She was in fact offered a job which she ended up turning down. After that it took her a long time to find a suitable job. Spirit did not tell her she had to take the first job. That was her decision.

I do not do death predictions!

I will never ask you to pay an enormous fee to remove a curse!

My thoughts to you if you are trying to decide whether or not to get a reading is to ask yourself what you hope to achieve.

Do you want someone to tell you what to do? My guides will offer thoughts and guidance but they leave the final decision up to you.

If you would like to schedule a reading, you can contact me HERE.

If you would like to learn more about the various aspects of Spirit World, you can purchase my book HERE.

We are all navigating this path of life and we are all doing the best we can. Sometimes we need a little hint, a little nudge in the right direction, or perhaps just a stranger to tell you that you are doing great! Keep going!

I have been blogging since 2009. My older blog contains hundreds of messages from Spirit. You may find what you are looking for there! Check it out HERE.

I welcome you to search around for the best person to give you a reading. I do not hold the corner on divination and I can't guarantee I am the best match to your energy. I always tell my clients and students to find the person with whom they most resonate. If I find I am not a good match for you and have trouble connecting to your energy field or your guides or loved ones, I will tell you!

Best wishes as you navigate your path through life. If I can help, feel free to contact me!


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