Message from the Guides

For the past 25 years or so, I have been what I like to call a messenger of Spirit.

Here in the US the most common word to categorize me I guess would be psychic, although that word carries a bit of stigma, and some stereotyping. I understand in other countries the preferred word is fortune teller. Some of my colleagues prefer the word spiritual intuitive, and I like that word too.

It started like this.

I was a foot-stomping, tongue-talking born-again Christian. At some point I found myself attending what is commonly called a “prophetic” church, where receiving and delivering personal messages to the congregation was not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Immediately I felt a commonality, a familiarity, with the practice. I felt a connection with the resident prophetess, and we became fast friends. It seemed my life took off from there.

This was not my first brush with connection to Spirit. As a child, I was extremely sensitive, but, being brought up in a very Christian environment, it was safer to keep my abilities a secret. I also had at some point, maybe even in another lifetime, made the decision to turn off the abilities.

But the messages sometimes didn’t fit my belief system, and, toward the end of my relationship with my inherited faith, got me into some trouble.

Fast forward now twenty-five years later, I am pretty open to receiving messages from those out of body, both those who once inhabited a human form and those who never did.

As I write this, today is the Great Conjunction of 2020. This past year has been horrific, both globally and even a bit personally, although for me it was an internal struggle for the most part. I didn’t have any brushes with actual death, and my family, so far, is intact.

But, yesterday, at the Great Conjunction Eve, I felt a huge shift. I hosted a Zoom and gathered with interested spiritual seekers to meditate, send healing energy into the world, and give my Guides a chance to share.

Fortunately for us all, the Guides assure us that better times are ahead.

Energetically, I know this is true. This year has felt like trudging knee deep in mud. Every attempt I made at moving forward was met with struggle and resistance. Half of my long-time students left me. When the pandemic hit, I attempted to continue my classes and gatherings by various video platforms, only to be met with difficulty and technological glitches. An accident left me with a crushed meniscus and torn ACL in my knee. Even after the surgery, recovery has seemed slow. I did successfully launch my third book, but not without months of struggle and poor decisions on my part.

And yesterday, the fog lifted.

A surge of joy and relief blew through me like a wind. It was as if the sun came out after a year of dark clouds.

And I knew everything was going to be all right.

Here I present to you an audio recording of the Zoom gathering. It starts out with a guided meditation, some words from the Guides, some questions and answers, and a time of a collective healing meditation that I did with the participants of the Zoom.