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I Don't Normally Chat About Astrology, but... the moon is full, it is a super moon, and it is in my sign of Capricorn.

I am the first to say .. I am not an astrologer. I like to read what astrologers say. I do understand the energy of the moon, and the stars, and the earth, since my work is very earthy based and I tend toward Shamanic practices and beliefs.

We have had a lot of huge energy shifts this year. In numerology we are in a "5" year, the number of change, freedom, shifts, and just your run-of-the-mill- unexpected happenings. The planet of unexpected changes is Uranus, and, interestingly enough, it is active this week as well. So, expect the unexpected.

We are also coming out of a Mercury retrograde, and Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, just went retrograde. Obviously, planets don't really reverse direction, but they appear to, from our perspective on the Earth.

And it is all about perspective.

So what are my views on astrology?

Do the planets and stars really affect our lives on Earth?

My current viewpoint is this. (My viewpoints are never set-in-stone, gospel truth. They are ever-evolving, based on my increased understanding.) We as souls, decided on some level to enter this Earth experience. For some reason we decided it would be fun if we forgot everything we had learned or understood before the trip. In the infinite wisdom of our Guides, or the Divine, or even the Higher Aspect of our Soul, we knew that it might be a good idea to have some sort of road map. Enter astrology, or numerology, palmistry, or whatever sort of belief system you decided to birth yourself into.

And so here we are.

We know that when the moon is full people behave in surprising ways. The hospitals and jails tend to fill up quickly. The sign that the moon is in and the planets and stars that are lined up at the time are a map to tell us what to look out for or what to expect.

Years ago, my Shamanic teacher taught me to sit with the moon during its important stages and ask it directly what wisdom it had to share. The full moon told me to shine the Light in the dark so others could see. (the moon really has no inner light of its own but is only reflecting the light of the sun.) It told me my time for hiding was over. It told me that when I absorbed the true Light and reflected it out to others, the shadows would flee and I would be a guidepost to those navigating in the dark. It also told me that I could not shine fully all of the time. That I needed times of inner reflection, rest, and darkness (dark moon) and I also needed times that were not completely dark and not completely light. It told me we are all some combination of light and dark and that we are not all at the same phase at the same time all the time. And if I could add to that, I would say that others around us affect our energy just as other planets and stars affect the overall theme of any full or dark moon.

So, to me, the phase of the moon, the planets and stars, the study of numerology, or tarot, or whatever makes you feel good and gives you direction, is not unlike a GPS or a map. Today the moon is full. It is time to shine. Others around you may be in the dark and may need the light you have available.

Don't judge others who may be at a different stage in their journey.

If you are in the dark, look for someone who is shining their understanding of the Light.

If you are interested in my journey through my various stages of light and dark, check this out!

If you find yourself in the dark and are interested in a personal session with me, book your session HERE.


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