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How Do You Know If You are a Lighworker or a Healer?

We all have Divinity within us.

Each of us is in this lifetime, in this body, to remember who we are as a soul.

Not everyone chose to use this lifetime to bring well-being to others. Some chose this lifetime to rest from other lifetimes of being of service. Some chose to work on their own stuff.

So how do you know?

What do you really, really want?

I used to say I really, really want to sit on the beach all day and drink Mai Tai's.

Although this sounds really good, I doubt if I would last very long. Eventually I would get bored, someone would walk by, I would initiate conversation with them, they would tell me what they were dealing with, and my big mouth would begin to share how they could heal from whatever it is.

No, I don't do this all the time. I really, really try to mind my own business. I refrain from sharing what I do until someone asks, and even then, I try to skirt around the subject until I ascertain how open they are to "woo woo." I attempt to keep conversations light unless someone asks me for help or sets up a session.

But I have been known to offer assistance to practical strangers. That is just who I am.

It normally doesn't occur at birth, being awake and aware of your mission in life.

I have found some souls who have very young bodies and seemed to have been born already awakened to their mission in life. But that is not always the case.

Despite being raised in a very spiritual household, I did not embark upon the particular path I am now on until my late thirties. I was always spiritual. I was somewhat aware I had a spiritual purpose, and I used it to some degree within my inherited belief system, but, especially early on, I didn't know women could be healers and I assumed all that would happen is I may marry a minister. Isn't it funny how we limit ourselves based on our observations! But my understanding of my mission in life did not show up right away. (You can ready my story HERE.)

That is how it normally works.

You are minding your own business. Living your life. Going to your nine-to-five or taking care of your babies or whatever, and one day, something shifts. Sometimes it is a tragic life event. Sometimes something you believe is exposed to be a lie. It is normally not all that pleasant.

You may enter what is commonly called a dark night of the soul.

After which you emerge.

And everything has changed.

A lot of souls are awakening right now!

If you wonder if you are awakening, or if you are a lightworker or possibly a healer, you probably are!

If you weren't, you wouldn't be wondering about it!

How that eventually works out for you is as individual as you are.

The key to knowing if you are a lightworker is to ask yourself why you want to be.

Being a lightworker is committing to sharing the light. That is all.

When you see something or someone who needs assistance, do you feel compelled to help? Do you feel compassion for those who are struggling?

Then you are a lightworker. And possibly a healer.

This does not mean you allow those who are struggling to pull you down while they are drowning, which many lightworkers think they should do, and often do! I did that for many years!

Boundaries is a difficult lesson for a lightworker. We all have to learn that one.

What is the difference between a lightworker and a healer? I believe all lightworkers have some degree of healing ability. The only thing that makes anyone a healer is their ability to channel healing energy from the Divine. And that is a process. We all have the innate knowing to hold someone or touch them when they are hurting. If we bump our knee, we automatically touch it with our hands. Those who were not often touched or held as children have difficulty with this. How they end up depends on the soul inhabiting the body of that child. Not everyone who is not nurtured as a child ends up being a serial killer. Some become healers due to their own wounds. The soul decides.

What to do?

If you feel called to be a healer, allow your soul and your Higher Guidance System to guide you. You may run in to books that fall off shelves or show up in your suggestions on your phone. You may become aware of a gathering or a class or run in to someone in the grocery store. Just take it easy and allow yourself to be led by your Higher Knowing.

Don't be in a hurry!

Learn everything you can. Even research opposing viewpoints! See what resonates with your soul.

Life is called a journey for a reason. We never really arrive until our life is done. If we complete our mission early, we usually take on a new one. Sometimes we get to a point when Spirit says we have a free pass. But quitting is never an option.


Thanks for your interest in my work!

If you are interested in scheduling a session, seeing what events I have coming up, connecting with me on social media where I post a message of the day, reading my books or even old blog posts, you can access all of that HERE!


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