Be Careful What You Ask For

Normally, my first blog of the month has to do with the themes for the month, but we all know, this is December and the big theme is gift giving, holiday gatherings, and how we feel about those things. A lot of people are really beginning to reconsider this insane compulsion we have with exchanging gifts, so today, I am going to chat about gifts from Spirit.

A lot of people shrink away of asking for things from our Angels. Oh, we don't mind asking for world peace or things that benefit others, but what if we really just need to find a pair of lost head phones?

What is a good ask and what is not?

I knew as a young child that there was something important I was meant to do. I somehow knew that I wanted to be of service. I don't think I consciously said, "please let me be of service to mankind" but it was kind of assumed, coming from a family of ministers. At that time the hows and the whens and the whats were not yet set in stone. Over time my idea of what it meant to be of service changed and evolved into my current work as a psychic, medium and Shamanic healer of the soul.

But I am not specifically here to chat about the big asks. The "what is my purpose and what am I supposed to do" kind of asks.

I am here to chat about the day-to-day asks.

The "please find my head-phones" or the "please give me green lights today" kind of asks.

Recently Spirit has been talking to me about being specific when I make requests.

When I share this message, often my listeners are aghast.

"Isn't that too demanding of Spirit?" they ask.

We are used to saying, "if this be Your Will" or "this or something better" or my favorite, "whatever is in my highest good," which I still stand by in some situations.

Here is an example.

Recently I was on my way to a wedding and it was raining. I don't like asking the weather gods to completely change the weather just to suit my preferences ALL the time. That is a bit selfish. So I just said, "please let it stop raining by 2pm when the wedding is supposed to start. You can let it start raining again right after but I think the couple really want to marry outside."

So I arrived at 1:15. It was drizzling rain but nothing serious. However, within minutes a downpour surprised us all. The seats were wet. The dj's equipment was under a canopy but he was scrambling to wipe down sensitive items. Everyone was hunkered down under umbrellas or inside small outside buildings.

At precisely 2 o'clock it stopped raining. Everyone was running around with paper towels wiping off the seats. The sun came out. The wedding went on, but twenty minutes late.

I realized I should have asked for it to stop at 1 pm to give time to wipe off the seats and get everything back to normal before the bride made her way down the hill to her waiting groom and guests.

I seem to remember on my way home it started raining again.

You may think it is a bit selfish to ask the rain to stop to fit your schedule. I am not saying it works all the time or for everyone. My dad had a gift for shifting weather so maybe I inherited it from him.