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Message From Spirit For the New Year

Whew!!! It has been a whirlwind for the past year, and many of you may be looking for hope that the coming year will be better!

We just ended a "1" year in numerology, and historically, this means new beginnings. I am always hopeful in a "1" year, ready for the next best thing to manifest! However, for myself and many others out there, the past year was not hopeful at all. Rather, many lightworkers felt disappointed, disillusioned, and just plain tired.

Spirit kept urging me to be light. I received multiple messages that it was important at this juncture in time to vibrate the frequency of love and light. It was not really important to begin new projects. For me, it seemed like I was feeling as if a new book was on the horizon, but when I sat down to write, the inspiration was not there. And then there was time. For me, working a full time job, seeing clients, doing events, and teaching classes, as well as spending time with family and entertaining three grandchildren was exhausting.

In addition, I had an underlying sensing of doom of some kind. Yes, the news would make anyone feel nervous about the state of affairs currently at front and center in the news, but it was a vague, undetermined sense of unrest. This unacknowledged feeling was underlying my day to day activities, as if I was doing what I knew to do, but had a sense of waiting for some undetermined event to change everything. At some point within the last couple of months, I released the feeling of unrest and started setting my intentions to emit the vibration of contentment with what is and assurance that all is well. This significantly reduced my stress level and enabled me to rise above the feeling of unrest.

So now it is the beginning of a new year. I have been spending more time with Spirit than ever, connecting with the Benevolent Helpers, I call them, be they Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters or simply Higher Intelligence. I see my Guides as beacons of light, not really any particular form as you would expect when communicating with Angels or Ascended Masters. But recently I actually sat down at their instruction and dictated the following message. They called themselves: WE ARE THREE, as I sensed three pillars of light when they were communicating to me. Previously I have sensed more but this time there were three distinct light figures.

Let me preface the communication with a bit of an explanation just in case it makes you nervous that I communicate with unnamed Beings.

Are they benevolent and how do I know this?

Yes they are benevolent and have our highest and best interests at heart.

We are vibrational beings. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. If I am in a high vibrational state, then I will attract Communicators that are of a similar vibration. It is kind of like a radio signal. If I raise my vibration to the highest emotional frequency I can, they have an easier time getting through and I have an easier time receiving the highest message from the Highest Source.

From the communication I received, it seems that on the Other Side or in other dimensions there are vast civilizations that are varied and different. These particular communicators mention other Beings of Light from other places. I have not received distinctions or words that we are familiar with, like Angels or Ascended Masters. It seems that the titles or names are not as important as the communication.

Here is an excerpt of the communication I received. May it bless and encourage you. May it challenge you to be light in the world no matter what the current state of affairs. At some point in the future I expect, as I receive future communications, to compile the messages into book form.

At this moment in time many of the lightworkers we have sent have become disheartened. After a period of peace and advancement of thinking, it has seemed that the darkness has once again shown itself and raised itself once again to a position of power.

We are here to encourage you to keep up the work of beaming light into the earth realm. You are transmitters of light, and it is not so much what you say and do that matters, but who you are. In times past you have incarnated into the earth realm and have become the healers, the saints, the oracles, the humanitarians. You have been misunderstood and tortured and killed for your extraordinary ability to be light in the midst of the darkness.

In this day and time you will not be murdered for your ability to transmit light. However, because your cells remember the times of torture and death, you have a tendency to keep your light hidden for only a few to see. You have had a tendency to shine your light in secret. This has been fine for a time, but now it is time to shine your light on a more global scale. There are many of you all over the world which have been placed, not only by us but also by other civilizations that have had you in their sphere of awareness with the intention of raising your awareness to a higher level and you who have taken on the challenge of shining your light have incarnated into specific geographical areas so that there has been created a gridwork, if you will, of lightworkers shining their light into the dark places.

It is time now to find each other and to create this gridwork of light in which you are simultaneously shining your light with specific global intentions to shift the consciousness of the planet to a new and higher awareness. What you will find is that in your experience you will be exposing secrets hidden for ages as the light shines onto the dark places and the hidden agendas are brought to the light. You will not shine your light as a weapon of warfare, but rather as a healing balm of love and compassion.

You are entering in to a time in your earth experience where hidden agendas will be exposed. You have been called to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, to open the eyes of the blind, to set at liberty those who are bruised. Generational secrets that have kept millions captive are about to be exposed and brought to the light. You can heal the hearts and souls of those who have had their eyes blinded to the truth. Those who have been broken by assaults both physically, mentally and emotionally. It is time to rise up from the ashes and become that which you have been chosen to be, and that is, light to all mankind.

Do not be afraid or intimidated by this daunting task. You are called. You are warriors of the light. You have in times past travelled to many dimensions to bring light to dark places. You have been both successful and yes, sometimes you have failed. But you are strong and courageous. You have only forgotten your past incarnations because you chose to forget in order to infiltrate the heavy atmosphere on earth and understand the human weakness so that you can heal from a place of compassion and love.

As long as you keep the intention to always heal from a place of Divine Love, you will never make a mistake.

Blessings to you all for the coming year.

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