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Have you felt like you have struggled to fulfill your purpose in life? Maybe you are not even sure what that purpose is, or perhaps what you thought was your purpose has not materialized the way you envisioned. You have perhaps felt like giving up. It seems much easier to just quit, to go back to whatever you were doing before you "heard the call." The message I have heard from Spirit for this year is... Don't quit! This is your year to shine! It is time to let go of the struggle. It is time to get off the highway of.. this is hard, and instead, allow yourself to get in the flow of allowing those blessings and opportunities to manifest. When we feel like it is hard to make something happen,

Wellness Universe!

I am happy to announce that I am a proud member of the Wellness Universe. This is a directory of all those in the wellness field, whether that be spiritual, physical, emotional, or financial wellness. This is a wonderful group of individuals who are out there changing the world, and I have been accepted into their welcoming arms as a contributor and fellow wellness member. If you are in need of a particular wellness practitioner, or if you are looking for a community in which to share your awesomeness and contribute to the betterment of the planet or humankind, I invite you to check out this community! The launch is January 23rd, 2015. I am sure this is going to be an awesome partnership wit

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