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All About Dad, Death, and Surrender

I have never really been good at giving messages to myself. Evidently this is a common problem for those who receive messages from Spirit. My very first mentor while I was still hearing messages while in the church was married four times before I met her and she told me once that she never got any warnings from (the Holy)Spirit about any of her choices. I read the same thing in one of Sylvia Brown's books. In my early days of honing my gift of receiving messages, I heard this saying, "he who prophesies over himself prophesies to a fool." That makes sense. I always get more accurate messages for strangers than people close to me. There is one exception. The tarot. When I learned the tarot I w

Happy Solstice and Dark Moon

We are coming up on the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. I look forward to this day only because it means that once again we are shifting into a new phase where the days slowly get longer. It is the promise of Spirit that dark mornings and dark evenings will not last forever. It is also the date of the dark moon, although some calendars are listing it the 21st and some are listing it to be on the 22nd. No worries. The energy of darkness is still upon us. Darkness is not always a bad thing. The darkness of the moon reminds us to go within ourselves and find the wisdom and the power within ourselves to move forward in our lives. Symbolically the dark moon is all about releasing


Gift giving is a love hate relationship. On the one hand, it is a good thing to give gifts, both to those we love and perhaps to those less fortunate than ourselves. This is the time of year when the thoughts of giving to others come to our mind. Some of the gifts we give we do so out of love and some out of obligation. Let's be honest. Some of our loved ones either do not need anything, or we are not close enough to them to know what their tastes are or what things they may like. Gift giving sometimes causes stress. You may have people in your life or know people who have people in their lives who may not really have the finances to buy gifts for everyone you feel obligated to buy for, or

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