Quick Message from Spirit !

Here is a quick and economical way to get a message from Spirit! Many of us want to hear what our Higher Guidance wants us to know, but we don't have the time or perhaps the money for a full half hour or hour reading! Here are a couple of ways to get a short reading for less than the cost of a normal half hour or hour reading! 

(Drums Rolling!!)


Enter the ONE card tarot reading!

I will pick one card for you and send you a personalized message from Spirit based on the card I draw for you! Then I will email you a message and a picture of the card I have drawn for you to the email address you use to pay for the reading!  This option is $9.99.

Normally you will receive an email within 24 hours!

joy bw tarot horizontal i like this one.



I have been doing this option for awhile for some of my select clients, and it seems to work well!

After you prepay, I will email you and get your mobile phone number (we can also do email, whatever you like.) You can either email me or text me one question. I will tune in and text you back an answer from Spirit.  Normally I will get back to you the same day, but no more than twenty four hours from payment to answer.

This option is $20.  

You can prepay here.