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Understanding Your Power

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In this video class, you will learn about the Power that is both within you and all around you. It is important to understand yourself as a divine being both connected to the power of the Source as well as an aspect of the Divine having a human experience. You will be introduced to a definition of what healing is in a spiritual sense, what your soul is, why connecting to and understanding spiritual power is important, and what are some things that may keep you from accessing this power. You will be introduced to a number of ways to connect and access the power of Spirit. Various forms of meditation are explained in an easy-to-understand way. You will be guided in a short meditation using several of the ways for you to turn off monkey-mind and settle into a meditative state, which will make you more receptive to experiencing the power of Spirit in a tangible and evidential way. You will also be introduced to other ways to connect to Spirit besides meditation. You will be given homework! Experiencing the power of Source Energy is an ongoing practice, one that you will need to engage in regularly in order to increase your ability to connect to Spirit and bring the power of the Divine into your life in order to enhance your own well-being as well as share it with others. Enjoy!

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