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Asking for Signs from Heaven

The other day I was shopping.

Okay I was at the dollar store. I think I only bought one item and the total came to $1.05. I had a dollar but could not find a nickel so I gave the clerk a quarter. Right after I gave it to her, a nickel fell out of my wallet into the palm of my hand. Alas, the math was too much for the clerk so she refused to give me my quarter back in exchange for the nickel so I returned it to its place in my wallet.

A few hours later, I was home sweeping the floor when I noticed a nickel on the floor. I picked it up. Hmm. I thought. Nickels seem to be showing up for me today.

I am one of those souls who look at everything as some sort of “sign.” Well, not everything, but if something shows up multiple times, in this case, two, I look for some sort of meaning to its appearance.

Nickels do not have any sort of special meaning for me, like, when a nickel shows up, it is my mother or an Angel or anything like that. So, I eliminated the possibility that it may be a message from someone in particular.

So, what did I do?

I asked, of course.

Given my line of work as a psychic medium and intuitive healer, I am in touch with my Higher Guidance System, or Guides for short, fairly regularly. We chat as I am driving, exercising, showering, cooking, cleaning, and of course, when I am seeing clients.

“Does this mean something?” I casually asked Them as I continued sweeping.

“You know you can ask us for anything, even a nickel, and We are here for you. No ask is too small.” I heard Their reply. “Sometimes we hear you ask even when you are not consciously asking, like the nickel. You needed a nickel, and We gave it to you.”

I have mentioned previously that I have specific jobs for my Angels. I have a green light Angel when I am too impatient to sit at traffic lights. I have a Post Office Angel, who I have assigned the task of getting my mail through the system and to its destination quickly and safely. I have a highway Angel who is tasked with getting me to my destinations safely, and I have a family Angel who is assigned the task of keeping peace during family gatherings (sometimes no small task!) And then, of course, I will assign Angels temporary tasks based on what is going on at the time.

They are only limited by a couple of things.

They cannot interfere with fated events. Fated events are things that are either pre-arranged or pre-agreed upon by the souls who are affected. Not all events are fated, but some are. I have not yet figured out how to know in advance which events are fated and which ones happen because there was no one there to prevent it. I have an example or two.

Years ago, I attended a church and became acquainted with this lovely woman who took care of the plants around the church. She taught me many things about plants and gifted me with both her wisdom and some lovely plants.

At some point, she had a stroke. At the time I was in charge of the prayer group, and I gathered my team of “prayer warriors” together to pray for the quick return of her health and ability to function normally. Within a short time, she was back at church and seemed to be a picture of health. Then, one day, not too many weeks after her miraculous recovery, she died in her sleep of a heart attack.

I was aghast. How could this happen? We had prayed heartily for her return to health. She had to sneak behind our back and die!

Years later, the same thing happened with my dad. He had fallen and suffered a head injury. He teeter-tottered in and out of consciousness. He was eighty-five and had lived a good life. The pastor of his church came and commanded him to arise in the name of Jesus and be healed.

After his pastor left, I went to his bedside and had a conversation with his soul.

“Dad,” I began. “Okay, I heard what the preacher said. I have done it. But I am thinking of a story you told me when you and mom met. You had gone to God to ask for a wife. And God answered you. He told you not to come to him with a list of candidates. Come to Him with empty hands and He would give you what you desired.

“So, don’t feel obligated to be here. I am here with empty hands. If you want to be here, then, by all means, get better. If you are ready to go, it is okay for you to go.”

He died a few days later.

I share these stories so that if you assign an Angel to a task, know that they are a little bit limited in what they can provide.

They cannot change a fated event and they cannot cross free will.

Based on the previous two stories, I do believe that sometimes our will and our prayers do interfere with or postpone someone’s highest good. But only temporarily. And it is really not a good idea to mess with fate or attempt to mess with someone’s free will.

We have to admit that we don’t always know what someone’s highest good is. We may think we do. We may desire for someone’s highest good to be to be healthy or happy or in a relationship or financially stable but we don’t really know what their soul has decided to experience and what the exact free will and highest good of someone is.

So, yes, we can ask. We can assign the Angel tasks. And, for the most part, they will go about bringing us the object of our desires. But at some point, we also have to realize that we don’t know everything. We also have to detach from the results to a certain degree.

How do we know what is a good assignment for the Angels and what is crossing the line?

I am still working that one out. For now, I try to do my workings and give my Angels assignments in conjunction with the highest good of everyone concerned. I may not say it every time, but my Angels know per our prior agreement that any task I give them is keeping in mind the law of free will and the law of harm none. I have told them that anything I ask is assumed to be contingent on the highest good.

So, go ahead, ask away. Know that as long as you are doing your work with the best intentions and with the highest good of all concerned, you will always be taken care of.

Even if it is just a nickel.


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