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Healing the Soul

What is the soul? Does a soul really need healing?

There is a lot of conversation about what exactly is a soul and what significance does our soul have in our life experience.

Some of the confusion, or should I say, controversy, revolves around how a soul is defined and what our individual thoughts and beliefs are about what we commonly call our soul.

In other languages, what we who speak English call the soul has many different words depending on what aspect of the soul is being addressed. Before I discuss healing of the soul, I want to address what I consider to be the soul and why and how it can become injured or in need of healing.

In Shamanism and in many other spiritual traditions, it is believed that our soul is actually composed of three parts. In Christianity, the soul is the part of us that is in need of salvation from sin. Many metaphysical or new age streams believe that the soul is the purest part of us, and thus does not need healing. In those streams, the part of us in need of healing is the part that thinks and feels emotions.

Another way to look at our self is the concept that our energy field, which some call the aura, or the part of us that has incarnated into the world is made up of at least four parts. Our physical self is the part that we see and feel. Next to that is our mental field, followed by our emotional field, followed by our spiritual field. Emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and experiences can create imbalances in one or more of those fields, which we can then bring back in to balance through Reiki or other energy shifting modalities. Our soul would then be the part of us that gives life to all that.

Going back to the concept of three souls, what would those three souls look like? In many earth based belief systems, the three souls relate to 1: the subconscious, 2: the physical experience of life, including past present and future, and 3: the connection to the Divine presence. Some traditions put some of the aspects of past or future into one of the other parts, but if we look at our soul as a living breathing presence, we could say that some parts of our souls could possibly be found in any one or more of these three aspects.

The concept that I find most in line with my work as a healer is the idea that yes, we have what could be considered three souls, but I like to say one soul, three aspects of that soul. We are a combination of the part of us we inherit through our bloodline, the part of us we bring in from other lifetimes, and the brand new part of us we create in this lifetime. If we relate it to the three worlds in Shamanism, the lower world would be the part of us that connects us to our ancestors, the middle world would be this lifetime, and the upper world would be our alternate lifetimes.

This may sound a little complicated, but I wanted to address the many concepts of the soul, of which I probably only covered a few, and the question of whether or not our soul really needs to be healed.

If we understand the concept of a multi-dimensional soul composed of at least three parts, depending on which belief system you most resonate with, you can then grab on to the idea that one or more of these parts could fragment off and become stuck or wounded.

This is what is commonly called soul loss or soul fragmentation. Soul loss happens when, due to some trauma in one or more of the various aspects of the soul, a piece of the life force, or soul, has fragmented off and gotten stuck in another place, another time, or another experience of reality. It is then that the person, or client, may feel lost, empty, or unable to fully engage in life. They may notice a pattern of unhealthy behavior, or a pattern of misalignment with their highest good. It may even be generational, where a pattern can be traced back to someone in the bloodline. You may be experiencing a continuation of a pattern of soul fragmentation or imbalance that began with an ancestor.

In another blog, which I published years ago, but you can access HERE, there is also the idea of soul thievery. It is possible to hold a piece of someone else's life force captive in your energy field or in a place where some emotionally charged interaction occurred. It is also possible for someone else to do this to you. I find this most common between mother and child, and lovers of some sort. It normally does not happen with mal-intent, but through a sort of misundestanding of what love is and a fear of the loss of that love, or even as an intention or a need to protect the other person. However, it is important to realize that each of us, as souls, need to be free to make our own choices and live our own lives, without interference from someone who may or may not have our best interests at heart.

Can you reconnect and recover these aspects of yourself and thus experience healing?


Part of my work as a Shamanic Healer is what is commonly called Soul Retrieval. I have renamed it Soul Healing, but only because it seems easier to understand to the everyday person who may not be familiar with Shamanism or the concept of soul loss.

So what is the process?

My clients will connect with me, either in person or via phone or Zoom. I will enter their energy field through a light trance state and my Spiritual Allies will take me on a journey of sorts. I will find information and perhaps fragments of their soul in other times and other places. Perhaps I will find an ancestral tendency or a trauma from a prior or alternate lifetime. Perhaps I will find other spirits who are influencing the client. They may or may not be helpful or beneficial.

I normally receive information about the circumstances which created the imbalance. The client may or may not be aware of what the issue is or how it relates to their current mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical imbalance. Using my skills as an intuitive, with help from my Allies (Spiritual Benevolent Helpers), Ancestral Helping Spirits, or using various other tools, I become aware of the specific injuries to the client's soul or energy field.

At some point, I bring the energy field and the client back into balance using various methods and healing modalities.

Let me stress that this is a collaborative effort between client and healer.

If you receive a healing, but choose to remain aligned with unhealthy patterns of thought or behavior, the healing will not last. You may even get worse.

Remember that my Spiritual Benevolent Helpers are in charge of the healing. It may not all occur in one session. What you want to heal may or may not necessarily be what the Guides have in mind.

You have to want to get better and, if there is an alliance with an unhealthy energy, you have to want to have it removed. You have to want your soul piece back. I always ask if you want this before I proceed. It may seem that if a person comes to me that they want to be healed, but this is not always the case.

Another important thing to remember is that you cannot heal someone else without their permission. I often receive requests from well meaning relatives or friends who want a soul retrieval for someone else. Although it is possible to contact the soul of a person and ask permission, that soul does not always say yes. Sometimes we have to release people we love to experience difficult situations. It is part of that person's soul journey.

You can find some stories and more explanation of what occurs during a soul healing in my new book, "Whispers From Another Room" available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. Check it out HERE.

You don't have to travel to my home in order to receive a soul healing. I do sessions by phone and Zoom with great success. Contact me HERE to set up a session.

If you have received a soul healing from me and would like to share your experience, please feel free to email me or go to my TESTIMONIALS page and submit a review. If you would prefer to be anonymous, that is fine.

In my next blog, I will discuss self healing and whether or not you can reclaim pieces of your own soul or facilitate your own healing.

It is important that we have all of our life force or at least as much of it as is possible so that we can navigate our life path with joy and balance. If I can be of assistance to you as you travel your path through life, feel free to reach out.

Be blessed!


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