All About Purpose

Do you ever wonder why you are here or what your purpose is? You are not alone!

One of the most common questions I receive as a psychic, medium and spiritual intuitive is....

"What is my purpose?"

There are a lot of clues as to an individual's purpose in life. Using tools such as tarot, numerology, and, of course, direct communication from the seeker's Higher Self and personal Guides, I can usually offer some assistance in getting clues as to why you are here.

There is a bit of a difference of opinion as to whether we are here to learn lessons or just to experience our soul in physical form. I tend to believe we are here for a little bit of both! As a soul, we decide to incarnate in a physical body for various reasons.

Do we always have a choice? Do we get stuck in a human body in an endless cycle of reincarnation, doomed to repeat lifetime after lifetime until we "get it right?"

To that question, I say, "it depends."

I know! I wish I could give yes or no answers to these questions, but the truth is, sometimes I believe we choose to come back and sometimes we jump into a body immediately after leaving our last one.

Sometimes I look into a baby's eyes and the expression they have is more of a "oh shit, not again."

As a child, I was not happy at all to be inhabited in a body. I had some awareness of the fact that the me that was looking out from inside my eyes was not completely happy with being in a body and I always felt like I was supposed to be somewhere else, but I wasn't sure where it was I was supposed to be. I knew it was not here.

Over the years, I have finally made peace with being here and I decided to do some good things since I was here anyway.

Then there is the idea of "soul contracts."

A soul contract is kind of like a blueprint for a particular lifetime. It is an agreement that we will fulfill or complete certain goals. Obviously, when we are born, we forget any contracts or agreements we made and we spend a good portion of our lives trying to remember.

Do we always fulfill our soul contracts?

Not at all.

Whatever we don't accomplish, learn, experience, or resolve gets carried over into our next incarnation or, unfortunately, we pass it on to our children to resolve.

Many people go through their entire lives completely unaware of why they are here or what they are "supposed" to be doing.

I am a little averse to the idea of "supposed to."