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All About Purpose

Do you ever wonder why you are here or what your purpose is? You are not alone!

One of the most common questions I receive as a psychic, medium and spiritual intuitive is....

"What is my purpose?"

There are a lot of clues as to an individual's purpose in life. Using tools such as tarot, numerology, and, of course, direct communication from the seeker's Higher Self and personal Guides, I can usually offer some assistance in getting clues as to why you are here.

There is a bit of a difference of opinion as to whether we are here to learn lessons or just to experience our soul in physical form. I tend to believe we are here for a little bit of both! As a soul, we decide to incarnate in a physical body for various reasons.

Do we always have a choice? Do we get stuck in a human body in an endless cycle of reincarnation, doomed to repeat lifetime after lifetime until we "get it right?"

To that question, I say, "it depends."

I know! I wish I could give yes or no answers to these questions, but the truth is, sometimes I believe we choose to come back and sometimes we jump into a body immediately after leaving our last one.

Sometimes I look into a baby's eyes and the expression they have is more of a "oh shit, not again."

As a child, I was not happy at all to be inhabited in a body. I had some awareness of the fact that the me that was looking out from inside my eyes was not completely happy with being in a body and I always felt like I was supposed to be somewhere else, but I wasn't sure where it was I was supposed to be. I knew it was not here.

Over the years, I have finally made peace with being here and I decided to do some good things since I was here anyway.

Then there is the idea of "soul contracts."

A soul contract is kind of like a blueprint for a particular lifetime. It is an agreement that we will fulfill or complete certain goals. Obviously, when we are born, we forget any contracts or agreements we made and we spend a good portion of our lives trying to remember.

Do we always fulfill our soul contracts?

Not at all.

Whatever we don't accomplish, learn, experience, or resolve gets carried over into our next incarnation or, unfortunately, we pass it on to our children to resolve.

Many people go through their entire lives completely unaware of why they are here or what they are "supposed" to be doing.

I am a little averse to the idea of "supposed to."

My early days and years were spent trying to figure out my purpose and what God wanted me to do. I think a lot of people project the "supposed to's" to some outside Diety pulling all the strings. I don't really believe this anymore.

Any "supposed to's" are agreed upon beforehand by our own soul! WE decide.

At any point in time I think we can decide to change our minds, but it seems this decision is temporary.

When I was in my late twenties and early thirties, I thought my purpose in life was to deliver messages from the Holy Spirit using the gift of prophecy within the umbrella of traditional Christianity. This worked out for awhile. Until it didn't. When it didn't, I told Jesus or the Holy Spirit or whoever was talking to go away and stop talking to me. The messages sort of stopped, at least in the way I was used to receiving them, but I would still get insight or messages from movies or receive "signs" of things to come.

What we run away from, it seems we end up finding ourselves facing square on in the face at some later date. For example, we may say, "I think when I incarnated I decided to work on my anger issues but I really just want to be mad so I am just going to cancel that agreement."

Ha Ha. So guess what. Your soul is going to give you ample things to be angry about until you realize it is you that is the magnet to the circumstances that are making you angry. At some point, you may want to go within yourself and find out what you are REALLY angry about. That may take some digging. It may be something you inherited from your grandmother, something you brought in with you from another lifetime, or something that occurred in this lifetime. It may not be what you think!

"So, in other words," I can hear you saying, "my purpose may be something as simple as resolving anger issues?"


What happens if you figure it out, say at 44 years old and you still have another forty something years to live?

Good news!

You get a free pass! You get to decide!

In my case, I walked away from my purpose only to find it staring me square in the eyes a few years later. And now, the Voices are talking again, and I am okay with that!

Purpose is one of those things that follows you around until you face it. It is that thing that you can't stop thinking about. And no I am not talking about your high school sweetheart who dumped you but you never got over, but it may be issues with rejection and abandonment. It is never about a particular person, but it may be the underlying issue that a particular person amplified or triggered.

Purpose is different from "mission." Your mission in life is something you are here to accomplish, or do, to assist the planet in some beneficial way. Not all of us are really here to make a difference or make the world a better place, but some of us are. The cool thing is, all of us can make the world a better place every single day.

We can be kind. We can give gifts of kindness, generosity, or service. We can put an extra quarter in the parking meter or clean off our neighbor's car when it snows. We can forgive those who hurt us. We can let go of grievances.

The key to feeling like our life has purpose and finding our mission in life is to look for ways to make someone's life a little better or to bring a smile to someone's face. My hubby likes to joke around with the store clerks or make funny remarks at the doctor's office. Sometimes they smile, sometimes they don't. At least he tried.

I love those store clerks or drive thru attendants that smile and offer some sort of happy remarks to me when I am their customer. To me, it doesn't matter if I am a cashier at a fast food restaurant or the CEO of some million dollar company in order to fulfill my mission in life. If I choose to smile and spread goodwill, then I am fulfilling my mission in life.

If I am a billionaire but I am mean and cold hearted and think of nothing but what I can do to benefit myself or increase my wealth, then I failed my mission in life and my purpose was probably to learn charity and goodwill. At some point I will probably have to experience the shoe on the other foot. Maybe this lifetime, maybe another.

If you are struggling to find your purpose in life, I would suggest you look around and see what good things you can do for someone else. If someone is struggling, offer a kind hand or a listening ear. If you are good with cars and see someone struggling to change a tire, offer to help. See what you are good at or what gives you joy and do more of that. For yourself and for others.

If you would like to schedule a session with me to assist you in finding your purpose, you can do that HERE.

Be kind. Find joy and contentment in life. Do things that make you happy. Your purpose and mission will find you.

I offer a variety of free or by donation gatherings, as well as offering my perspective and wisdom for free here on my blog. If you are blessed by my work, you can donate HERE.

If you are interested in the various aspects of the world of Spirit or how a good little Born Again Christian girl ended up as a psychic medium and healer of the soul, you can check out my books here.


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