Happy Solstice and Dark Moon

We are coming up on the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. I look forward to this day only because it means that once again we are shifting into a new phase where the days slowly get longer. It is the promise of Spirit that dark mornings and dark evenings will not last forever. It is also the date of the dark moon, although some calendars are listing it the 21st and some are listing it to be on the 22nd. No worries. The energy of darkness is still upon us.

Darkness is not always a bad thing. The darkness of the moon reminds us to go within ourselves and find the wisdom and the power within ourselves to move forward in our lives. Symbolically the dark moon is all about releasing what no longer serves us or is healthy and nurturing to our souls. The darkness of the solstice also reminds us that this is the time of year when much of nature is sleeping. I believe that Spirit gives us messages through the activity or non activity of nature. So many times we as humans are constantly on the move. We are racing towards real or imagined goals. We are constantly living in a state of chasing our dreams. Sometimes it feels like those dreams are just beyond our reach, not unlike the carrot that is dangled just beyond the reach of the racing horses. Now truthfully, I don't even know if they still do that dangling carrot thing, I know that I have seen it on television so it seems like a good analogy. Are you feeling like that horse that is chasing after a carrot that always seems just beyond your reach? You always ALMOST get there. You almost reach a goal, only to see it drift away or, upon finally getting hold of that carrot, you find another obstacle staring you in the face. May I suggest that you use the energy of this particular solstice and dark moon to just stop chasing that carrot for a season? Yes, I am suggesting you take inventory of all the things that are working in your life. Look around you and count your blessings. Enjoy family. Eat too much chocolate. Be content with where your life is at this very moment. If you have nothing to be thankful for, then be thankful that you woke up this morning. That you have breath, and life. This dark moon is all about releasing and reinventing yourself. Sometimes you have to release what you have been trying so hard to manifest and just enjoy your life the way it is. Surrender to Spirit is all about things not having to work out the way you expected that they would. Just for today, enjoy your life exactly the way it is at this moment. Be kind to yourself. Love those extra pounds you have packed on while being tempted with eggnog and Christmas treats. Love that guy ringing the bell for the Salvation Army that reminds you that some people are worse off than you are this time of year. Love the frost on your windshield. Love the lines at the mall. Take some time and just BE. BE HERE. Tomorrow is another day.

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