Christmas Presents

Gift giving is a love hate relationship. On the one hand, it is a good thing to give gifts, both to those we love and perhaps to those less fortunate than ourselves. This is the time of year when the thoughts of giving to others come to our mind. Some of the gifts we give we do so out of love and some out of obligation. Let's be honest. Some of our loved ones either do not need anything, or we are not close enough to them to know what their tastes are or what things they may like. Gift giving sometimes causes stress. You may have people in your life or know people who have people in their lives who may not really have the finances to buy gifts for everyone you feel obligated to buy for, or you may not really even like the people you are buying for and they may not really like you either, but for some reason, you are thrown together in this love hate relationship.

What to do?

I am not here to tell you what you should do about gift giving. I am here to state the obvious. Sometime family obligations force us into the company of those we may not really have anything in common with and with whom we may not choose to spend time with any other time of year.

Some days I would also prefer not to go to work at the Post Office but I do so, for multiple reasons. Yes, the Post Office pays me to show up every day. I have attempted for a couple of years now to reduce my presence at the Post Office and focus more on my service to others. This has also created a love hate relationship with my attempts to make a living. In my inquiries to Spirit as to why I continue to need the Post Office for my dominant means of making an income, Spirit only had this to say..

There are people who you will interact with in your work at the Post Office who you wil never have a chance to interact with at any other time or place. They will never come to you for a reading. They also need love and light, which you can offer them.

I would like to present to you the possibility that it is the same with gift giving and obigatory family functions.

Make the intention that you will be a source of love and light to someone who may never run into that energy at any other time or place.

Maybe we all could benefit from opening up our eyes and realizing that just because we may have nothing in common with people who seem to be thrown into our lives through various means does not mean we cannot learn from them or to whom we may have something to offer as well. Sometimes our greatest teachers are those to whom we sometimes have a difficult relationship.

Let us consider the possibility that it is not only our spiritual leaders and those to whom we offer high respect and admiration who can offer us the possibility of increasing our quest toward enlightenment. I would offer to you the food for thought that each of our interactions with others offers us those same opportunities. Sometimes those to whom we feel the greatest disrespect also can offer us the opportunities to show love, respect, and acceptance even though we don't agree with their choices in life or think that we could have done a better job given their circumstances.

That is why I love gift giving. With every gift I give to others, I am giving a piece of myself. Whether it is my hard earned money, my creativity, or my love, every gift has within it a piece of myself. Just the act of considering what I am giving to someone, actively sending love into the gift through my intentions, or offering someone else the gift of myself. We can never lose when we give love. The act of giving away love perpetuates the possibility that love has the opportunity to multiply in our own life as well. In other words, if you are going to give a gift, do so with love. Don't give out of obligation. Send love into every gift you give and offer the recipient all the love you have within you. You will never run out of love.

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